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The Most Value That Operational Personnel Can Bring to the Table Is Their Involvement In Defining the Requirements of Commissioning, System Start-Up, and Close Out Procedures

The owner's facility staff doesn't replace the project's commissioning agent or take on the responsibilities of the contractor. However, it is the commissioning, system start-up, demonstration of equipment operation and load testing that are at the heart of close-out activities and the turning over of the building systems. The facility staff's involvement in these processes is essential to a smooth transition.

Identify the Data, Information and Resource Materials Needed to Operate the Building

Operating and maintaining a new facility requires data and information. The building owner, with the participation of the design and construction teams, needs to define the data and information required for efficient and effective operation of the systems and related services during the facility design process. These requirements will be part of the commissioning and close-out activities as well. Typically a contractor provides the owner record documents. These are O&M manuals, record submittals, shop drawings, and record specifications and drawings. Whatever the requirements, they need to be part of the contract documents for construction.

The discussion of data and information needs may also spur interest in more data points, such as meters or sensors that gather data. The process can also identify the need to integrate data into the owner's business systems. If it does, it's a good thing as it demonstrates the project team is looking forward to operational needs.

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