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The Expectations of Contractor’s Requirements Must Change From Just Installing Equipment to Completing and Leaving Their Work In a Condition for Long Term Operations and Support

Too many times contractors will install equipment, complete their deliverables and then reduce staffing and move on to the next job prior to completion of close-out activities. The result may be incomplete work or at the least, less than optimal involvement in close-out activities. Contract requirements and the mentality of the project team needs to be focused on the most important and costly part of the building's lifecycle: long term operations and maintenance.

Conduct a Review of the Transition to Operations and Document Lessons Learn

Regardless of your expertise or experience there is always an opportunity to learn from each project closeout or at least confirm that existing procedures are producing the expected results.

During the design and construction processes the focus is often on schedules and budgets. And with that process taking a couple years, building operations may seem far off and something that can be addressed close to completion. Better "handoffs" and transitions prescribe that we embed operations and maintenance into every aspect of design and construction.

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