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Temperature and Humidity in The Machine Room

Bad affects of temperature and humidity are not related to equipment use, but, to the conditions experienced by the equipment controller. Many machine rooms have inadequate ventilation; they're too hot, too humid, and the outside air is not filtered. You don't want the elevator drive and control system to overheat, fatigue the electronic controls, and possibly increase breakdowns. Even if you don't have breakdowns you'll shorten the life of the control equipment. These rooms need to be treated similarly to a

Moving walkways

Figure 8.3 Moving walkways.

telecommunication room with adequate cooling and air quality, and sensors for environmental and security aspects being remotely monitored.

Energy Consumption

On the initial industry push for building energy conservation and sustainability, conveyance equipment was pretty much disregarded by the green certifications. Generally elevator energy consumption is about 5-10% of total energy consumption for a typical 5 to 30 floor building, modest compared to HVAC and lighting systems, but, still significant. In transit organizations and airports where you have hundreds of individual conveyance units, one would expect that percentage to be considerably higher. Organizations need to submeter the power provided to the conveyance equipment. This allows for understanding the energy consumption of the equipment, and its performance. The energy data can be rolled up into an enterprise energy management system and will provide some granularity to overall energy consumption of the organization.

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