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Companies in the IPS Space

Recently twenty-two international companies formed the In-Location Alliance to standardize and commercialize this technology. The alliance includes large multi-national companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Sony. The list also contains Broadcom, Dialog Semiconductor, Eptisa, Geomobile, Genasys, Indra, Insiteo, Nomadic Solutions, Nordic Semiconductor, Nordic Technology Group, NowOn, Primax Electronics, RapidBlue Solutions, Seolane Innovation, TamperSeal AB, Team Action Zone and Visioglobe.

Some tech giants, such as Google, are pursuing and developing the technology but are not part of the alliance. Apple has is expected to be a major player in indoor positioning with their iOS devices as well.

Some of the companies involved in IPS are high tech companies motivated to extend their existing outdoor mapping applications to the indoor environment where GPS doesn't work well due to signal attenuation. In addition to extending their mapping applications and advertising revenue, the companies have an opportunity to create a treasure trove of data that will assist businesses, primarily retail, in identifying customers and in product placement.

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