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The Emerge Alliance, an industry association with industry and research institute members is focused on the development of DC technologies and standards They have already developed a standard for commercial buildings (24 VDC), as well as a standard for data centers (380VDC), and will likely implement a standard for residential markets as well.

Building owners, contractors, and engineers will install and maintain traditional AC electrical distribution systems in buildings, possibly supplemented by solar or wind renewable energy which can generate DC or AC.

One issue with the adoption of DC is that while devices may be internally powered by DC they are generally manufactured and sold with AC plugs/power supplies. In new construction, this issue could be addressed by simply procuring new devices that can accommodate direct DC power. With existing buildings replacing current equipment with equipment that can handle direct DC is likely to be dependent on opportunities during renovations, procurement, and energy conservation strategies.

At times DC may face implementation issues. Relatively few people are experienced with the installation of low voltage direct current. Circuit

Figure 12.3

protectors, fuses, and insulation materials may need to be redesigned. Products and devices may need to be modified, training and test methods need to be developed, and adoption by architects, engineers, and contractors is critical.

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