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Industry Examples

Here are a few industry examples of well executed building and energy dashboards:

b National Research Energy Laboratory (NREL): This is a Demand Response dashboard Enernoc created. It's one screen with the most important information in the primary screen position. Viewers can also interact with the dashboard to calculate and change timelines.

b Lucid Design: Lucid is best known for their work in higher education and this dashboard addresses electrical use in a dormitory. Note the positioning, the colors, the user options, and the clarity.

Figure 18.1

b Controlco: This dashboard is meant for a building engineer to analyze a system, in this case a chiller plant. It quickly conveys the system data points, alarm status and provides options on the left for further information.

Dashboards are the end result of a lot of work to identify, gather, and standardize data and to clearly understand the roles and the needs of people involved with facilities and energy. If they succeed in providing actionable information in a timely fashion, dashboards have a positive effect on managing a building's performance and operation.

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