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Nationalism and war

European War-Making and the Rise of Nation StatesTILLY/MANN AND THE MILITARY REVOLUTIONWARFARE, NATIONAL IDENTITY, AND STATE FORMATIONModernist CounterclaimsWARFARE, STATE FRAGILITY, AND REGENERATIVE NATIONALISMWAR, CITIZENSHIP, AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF MASS NATIONAL SOLIDARITIESFirst World War: Democratization and DictatorshipWars as Critical JuncturesWAR AND A WORLD SYSTEM OF NATION STATESCONCLUSIONWarfare, Memorialization, and the Formation of National CommunitiesWARFARE AND THE SACRED FOUNDATIONS OF NATIONSMyths and MeaningsWar Experiences and Collective Self-DifferentiationWar Mobilization, Collective Rituals, and SymbolsLong-Term Social and Political MissionsTHE NATION AS COMMUNITY OF SACRIFICECommemoration and National UnityMyths vs Realities of Popular RevoltsNationalism, Interstate War, and Collective SacrificeMYTH CONSTRUCTION, IDENTITY, AND POLITICSOLD AND NEW MYTHSDENATIONALIZING WARS?PACIFIC AND MARTIAL NATIONSWarfare, Imperial Collapse, and the Mass Creation of Nation StatesGEOPOLITICAL POWER VS NATIONALIST IDEOLOGYWAR, NATIONALISM, AND THE IMPERIAL DISSOLUTIONFall of Dynastic Continental EmpiresThe Dissolution of the European Nation-State Overseas EmpiresThe Collapse of the USSRConcluding RemarksWHY THE SHIFT FROM EMPIRE TO NATION STATES?IMPERIAL LEGACIES AND NATION-STATE FORMATIONEMPIRE AND SECURITY IN A WORLD OF NATION STATESContemporary Warfare and the End of Heroic Nationalism?WAR AND THE TRANSITION TO POSTNATIONALISM?The Second Thirty Years War: From Martial Heroism to the Politics of RestitutionDecline of the Citizen in ArmsWars of Choice‘New Wars’ outside the European HeartlandsPostmodern Deconstructions and Cult of VictimsNATIONALISM TRANSFORMED, NOT TRANSCENDEDCollective Trauma and Nationalist MobilizationThe Nation and Its Military: Volunteer vs Conscription DebatesThe National Bases of International MissionsThe Old Features of New WarsThe Resilience of Nationalist Commemorative NarrativesGLOBAL RELIGION, COSMIC WAR, AND BATTLE OF CIVILIZATIONSIs Nationalism War-Prone?BLOOD SACRIFICE AND THE NATIONTHE NATION STATE AS MILITARY POWER CONTAINERUNSATISFIED NATIONALISMS AND INTRASTATE WARSCONCLUSIONSConcluding ThoughtsBibliography
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