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Training location

Careful consideration needs to be given to the location for the training sessions. If you are doing individual training, you will have more options. You could do the training in many open or common areas, the residents' rooms, library, and so on. However, if you plan to do group training, you will need a larger space that can accommodate the number of residents you expect to participate. This should be a topic of discussion with the CCRC staff and trainers. They may have preferences, which may or may not work well within the CCRC. By thinking about issues noted in this chapter, you should have a clear idea of the type of space that will be needed and key factors that may affect the implementation and success of the training. See Chapters 3 and 4 for a more detailed discussion on location considerations.

Who will do the training?

The default may be to turn to someone who knows a lot about technology. Although this person certainly needs to be on hand to troubleshoot and provide support, the best person to lead the training is one who is

Designing technology training for older adults in CCRCs

Table 7.1 Training factors to consider

1. Who the trainers will be

2. Background and knowledge needed

3. Interpersonal characteristics

4. Number of trainers and assistants needed

5. Consistency in training personnel and methods


knowledgeable enough to cover the material in a thorough way while also being personable, calm, and patient. Although the trainer should know enough about the topics being presented to come across as well-informed and self-assured, it is more important that participants trust the trainer and feel that the trainer and the supporting staff understand them and want them to succeed. When making training decisions, there are several factors to consider (see Table 7.1).

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