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Administrative law the body of law created by administrative agencies in the form of regulations, orders, and decisions

Case law in common law systems, the body of law that derives from the opinions ofjudges in cases decided in the appellate courts

Civil law (1) the rules and procedures intended to govern the conduct of individuals in their relationships with others; (2) legal systems whose development was greatly influenced by Roman law

Common law the type of law, based to a large degree on case law, that characterizes the legal systems of England and its former colonies

Constitutional law the branch of public law that determines the political organization of the state and its powers while also setting certain substantive and procedural limitations on the exercise of governing power

Criminal law the body of law that involves the definition of crime and the prosecution and penal treatment of offenders

Executive orders regulations issued by the executive branch of the government at the federal and state levels

Private law the body of law that concerns the substantive and procedural

rules governing relationships between individuals

Procedural law the body of law that governs how substantive laws are to be administered, enforced, changed, and used by players in the legal system

Public law the body of law that concerns the structure of government, the duties and powers of officials, and the relationship between the individual and the state

Sociological jurisprudence the study of law and legal philosophy and the use of law to regulate conduct

Statutory law law made by legislatures at the various levels of government

Substantive law the body of law that consists of rights, duties, and prohibitions administered by courts—which behaviors are to be allowed and which are prohibited

Torts private wrongs for which the injured individual may seek redress in the courts for the harm he or she experienced

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