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Design and Decision Viewing

Key aspects of all design work are the selection between competing concepts and the auditing of analysis and design work carried out to date. To do this, a number of plots showing how design choices affect performance, often illustrated with sketch geometries, will be required. It is very helpful if their production is automated and the results are provided in standardized form. These can then be considered in design review meetings where key choices are made. Typically, this means the production of sets of Microsoft PowerPoint slides, which should be archived as the design proceeds.

Mission analysis using the AnyLogic event-driven simulation environment

Figure 9.3 Mission analysis using the AnyLogic event-driven simulation environment.

Supporting Databases

The various codes and functions described thus far all require quantities of data to be stored and manipulated. In most cases, these tools read data files from some source and operate on these stores; that is, they implicitly have internal databases. Even so, it useful to structure the data being accessed by these tools in some well-defined and logical way so that the design team has good control over what is available and also so that the designers can browse through this data, both from function to function and also back over previous iterations of the design process. We use TortoiseSVN,[1] which is an Apacheā„¢ Subversion (SVN) client, implemented as a Windows shell extension, to manage and version control our repository of design work.

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