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The input is some reference geometry based on an imported file in the form of a Standard ACIS Text (.sat) file which is an ASCII text file, here generated from our AirCONICS study. This geometry, derived from a higher level conceptual model, is used to drive all the dependent geometry and features. This initial input geometry is shown in Figure 17.16. It has been saved as a Solidworks part and added to an assembly. Two reference geometry features (spar tube axis and boom tube axis) have been added, and the part has been lined up with the three default assembly reference planes.

Sketches have been added to the top-level assembly, and all the key dimensions and curves have been extracted from the .sat file and added to these sketches. This makes all

Input reference geometry

Figure 17.16 Input reference geometry.

these dimensions explicitly available to the subparts. This .sat file geometry is not sufficient, however, to drive the entire detail of the part, and further dimensions and decisions are required to fully define the final part.

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