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Requirements of Part 52 to Part 100

Part 52 — Licenses, Certifications, and Approvals for Nuclear Power Plants

This part governs the issuance of early site permits, standard design certifications, combined licenses, standard design approvals, and manufacturing licenses for nuclear power facilities licensed under Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (as amended), and Title II of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974. This regulation is applicable to the licensing of advanced reactors. However, unless otherwise specifically provided for in this part, the regulations in 10 CFR Chapter I apply to a holder of or applicant for an approval, certification, permit, or license. The implementation of this regulation is discussed in detail in Chapter 9 of this book.

Part 54 — Requirements for Renewal of Operating Licensees for Nuclear Power Plants

This part governs the issuance of renewed operating licenses and renewed combined licenses for nuclear power plants licensed pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (as amended), and Title II of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974. These requirements, as related to containment structures, are discussed in detail in Chapter 5 of the book.

Part 73 — Physical Protection of Plants and Materials

This part prescribes requirements for the establishment and maintenance of a physical protection system which will have capabilities for the protection of special nuclear material at fixed sites and in transit and of plants in which special nuclear material is used. To achieve the general performance objective, a licensee shall establish and maintain, or arrange for, a physical protection system that:

  • • provides the performance capabilities for in-transit protection or for fixed site protection;
  • • is designed with sufficient redundancy and diversity to ensure availability of the capabilities;
  • • includes a safeguards contingency capability that can meet the criteria in Appendix C to this part;
  • • includes a testing and maintenance program to assure control over all activities and devices affecting the effectiveness, reliability, and availability of the physical protection system, including a demonstration that any defects of such activities and devices will be promptly detected and corrected for the total period of time they are required as a part of the physical protection system.

Part 100 — Reactor Site Criteria

The purpose of this part is to establish approval requirements for proposed sites for stationary power and test reactors subject to Part 50 or Part 52 of Chapter 1 of Title 10. There exists a substantial base of knowledge regarding power reactor design, construction, and operation. This base reflects that the primary factors that determine public health and safety are the reactor design, construction, and operation.

Siting factors and criteria are important in assuring that (1) radiological doses from normal operation and postulated accidents will be acceptably low, (2) that natural phenomena and potential man-made hazards will be appropriately accounted for in the design of the plant, (3) that site characteristics are such that adequate security measures to protect the plant can be developed, and (4) that physical characteristics unique to the proposed site that could pose a significant impediment to the development of emergency plans are identified.

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