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General Design Criteria

Appendix A of Part 50 of Title 10 (written as 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix A) of the NRC regulation provides general design criteria (GDCs) for nuclear power plants. The criteria are broadly categorized in six categories. Each category has between 5 and 16 design requirements. I have reproduced here the categories relevant to containment.

Category I: Overall Requirements — Consist of Five Criteria:

Quality Standards and Records (GDC 1)

Design Bases for Protection Against Natural Phenomena (GDC 2)

Fire Protection (3)

Environmental and Dynamic Effects Design Bases (4)

Sharing of Structures, Systems, and Components (5)

Category II: Protection by Multiple Fission Product Barriers — Consists of Ten Criteria:

Reactor Design (6)

Reactor inherent Protection (7)

Suppression of Reactor Power Oscillations (8)

Instrumentation and Control (9)

Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary (10)

Reactor Coolant System Design (11)

Containment Design (12)

Electric Power Systems (13)

Inspection and Testing of Electric Power Systems (14)

Control Room (15)

Category V: Reactor Containment Design Basis — Consists of Eight Criteria:

Containment Design Basis (50)

Fracture Prevention of Containment Pressure Boundary (51)

Capability for Containment Leakage Rate Testing (52)

Provisions for Containment Testing and Inspection (53)

Systems Penetrating Containment (54)

Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary Penetrating Containment (55)

Primary Containment Isolation (56)

Closed Systems Isolation Valves (57)

The relevant underlined and italicized criteria are discussed in Section 2.5.3.

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