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GDC 51 Fracture Prevention of Containment Pressure Boundary

“Fracture prevention of containment pressure boundary: The reactor containment boundary shall be designed with sufficient margin to assure that under operating, maintenance, testing, and postulated accident conditions (1) its ferritic materials behave in a non-brittle manner, and (2) the probability of rapidly propagating fracture is minimized. The design shall reflect consideration of service temperatures and other conditions of the containment boundary material during operation, maintenance, testing, and postulated accident conditions, and the uncertainties in determining (1) material properties, (2) residual, steady state, and transient stresses, and (3) size of flaws.”

To meet the requirements of this GDC, ferritic containment pressure boundary materials are required to meet the fracture toughness criteria for testing as identified in Article NE-2300 [4] of Section III, Division 1, or Article CC-2520 [15] of Section III, Division 2 of the ASME Code.

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