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GDC 52 Capabilities for Containment Leak Rate Testing

“Capability for containment leakage rate testing: The reactor containment and other equipment which may be subjected to containment test conditions shall be designed so that periodic integrated leakage rate testing can be conducted at containment design pressure.”

All containment structures and systems penetrating through them are provided with provisions so that they can be tested for leak rates at the peak calculated pressure, as required by Appendix J of 10 CFR Part 50. Detailed discussion of Leak Rate Testing is provided in Chapter 4 of this book.

GDC 53 Provisions for Containment Testing and Inspection

“Provisions for containment testing and inspection: The reactor containment shall be designed to permit

(1) appropriate periodic inspection of all important areas, such as penetrations, (2) an appropriate surveillance program, and (3) periodic testing at containment design pressure of the leaktightness of penetrations which have resilient seals and expansion bellows.”

All containment structures are designed to allow for testing at the containment design pressure, and they are tested at 1.10 (steel containments) to 1.15 (concrete containments) of the design pressures before the plant become operational. They are inspected at periodic interval in accordance with the requirements of Subsections IWE [6] and IWL [7] of Section XI of the ASME code, as required by 10 CFR Part 50.55a. Penetrations with resilient seals and expansion bellows are periodically tested as required by Appendix J of 10 CFR 50.

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