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Design, Construction, Inspection and Testing of Containment Structures

Javeed Munshi, Shen Wang and Abdul Sheikh

This chapter provides a summary of analysis and design and pre-operational inspection and testing requirements for concrete and steel containments. Both conventionally reinforced as well as prestressed concrete containments are included. Containments are intended to provide a leak-tight boundary against accident pressure loading which essentially dictates the generally used cylindrical shape. The size of the containment and available free volume depends upon equipment layout and operational requirements. The available free volume within the containment affects the magnitude of pressure that can be generated during an accident. In general, conventionally reinforced concrete and steel containments have been used for small containments with low to moderate internal design pressure. But large containments with relatively high internal design pressure require either a prestressed concrete or a steel containment. In general, selection of containment type (conventional concrete, prestressed concrete or steel) depends upon considerations for the equipment size and layout, design pressure and other loadings, construction cost and schedule.

General regulatory recommendations for containment design are given in Standard Review Plan SRP 3.8, Regulatory Guide 1.136, and in RG 1.57. Other relevant SRP Sections include Section 3.3 (Wind Loading), Section 3.4 (Flood Protection), Section 3.5 (Missile Impact and Aircraft Hazards) and Section 3.7 (Seismic Design). Other Regulatory Guides of interest are RG 1.29: Seismic Design Classification, RG 1.60: Design Response Spectra for Seismic Design of Nuclear Power Plants, RG 1.61: Damping Values for Seismic Design of Nuclear Power Plants and RG 1.76: Design Basis Tornado and Tornado Missiles for Nuclear Power Plants, and RG 1.142 Safety Related Concrete Structures other than containment structures.

Keywords: Concrete containment, steel containment, prestressed containment, ASME Code, Finite element modeling, design of containment, impact design, aircraft impact, Inspection, testing

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