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Conventionally Reinforced Concrete Containments

Conventionally reinforced containments are generally cylindrical structures with a hemispherical dome supported on a flat slab [2]. Conventional bonded reinforcement is provided in the structure to carry all applicable load actions including tension, shear, and flexure. The design and detailing provisions are given in ASME Section III, Div 2 Code and generally follow the basic principles of reinforced concrete design given in older editions ACI 318. The ASME Code is currently being updated to the latest editions of ACI 318 [3]. Special detailing is provided around boundaries, discontinuities, and openings. The concrete cylindrical shell is usually between 42 and 52 in. thick, and the dome is 30 to 36 in. thick. The base slab is usually 8 to 10 ft thick. The concrete sections are, generally, heavily reinforced with up to 8 layers of No. 11 to No. 18 rebars with a reinforcement ratio of 2% to 4%. The inside surface of the concrete is lined with carbon steel liner plate. The liner plate in the base slab is covered with an additional 2 foot thick concrete slab.

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