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A short course of lectures
«Liabilities and Equity»

A Few Words About Interest Calculations that May Save You Some MoneyWhat is Par?Current Liabilities and Employer ObligationsPossible Preferred Stock FeaturesContingent LiabilitiesReturning to the Original QuestionThe Fair Value Measurement OptionThe Premium IllustrationPayrollThe Corporate Form of OrganizationCurrent LiabilitiesAccounting for Bonds PayableAnalysis, Commitments, Alternative Financing Arrangements, Leases, and Fair Value MeasurementsStock DividendsHow do I Compute the Payment on a Note?Common and Preferred StockA Closer Look at Cash DividendsAccurate Payroll SystemsPresent ValueLong-Term NotesOther Components of Employee CompensationThe Journal Entry for PayrollA Few Final Comments on Future and Present ValueEmployer Payroll Taxes and ContributionsNotes PlayableIllustrations of Typical Current ObligationsAffective-Interest Amortization MethodsLong-Term ObligationsThe Discount IllustrationGross EarningsAnnual ReportsBond Issued at a DiscountAccounting for Contingent LiabilitiesStock Splits and Stock DividendsBond Issued at ParOther Post Retirement BenefitsTreasury StockAnnuitiesStatement of Stockholders' EquityWarranty CostsTiming of EventsCorporate Equity AccountingPension PlansYear-end Interest AccrualsBonds Issued Between Interest Dates and Bond RetirementTypical Common Stock FeaturesBond PayableThe Presence of Preferred StockThe Operating CycleBond Issued at PremiumBonds may be Retired Before Scheduled MaturityNet EarningsFuture ValueCapital LeasesContractual Commitments and Alternative Financing Arrangements
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