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Acquisition Seeking (Low)

Deon clearly has a taste for certain material possessions, but at the same time he describes himself as satisfied with what he has and not in need of more: [1]

something quits working. Force me to have to replace it. You know.

I don’t feel like I need anything, I got, shit, everything I want.

He continues, “I’m not a big shopper, period. I am kind of thrifty-wise, so I try to hold onto my money as long as I can. I can be a stingy person.” Deon has the possessions he wants and does not focus on acquiring more or upgrading to keep in fashion.

Social Responsibility (Low)

In discussing why he has never been interested in volunteering, Deon points to his low sense of Social Responsibility:

It’s not wanting to be responsible. Not wanting to have anything cut into my time. Cause volunteering for something, that’s your time, that’s your free time, that’s time that you might want to do things that makes you happy, that satisfies you. I guess it’s my time, I don’t want to be responsible for somebody else on my time.

He is socially “tuned out”; as he says, “I live in a bubble.” Caring for others, or taking responsibility for helping them, is simply not something that Deon feels obligated to think about, or do in any systematic way.

In summary, Deon exhibits a fairly unreflexive self-assessment. While all people have some logical inconsistencies, Deon’s are above average. His responses to questions about giving approaches did not go together, making him an exemplary Atypical giver. Deon’s low Social Responsibility orientation helps make sense of his response patterns, as he may feel little obligation to engage in social survey and interview questions in an engaged and meaningful way.

  • [1] got everything, I mean I got a lot of stuff. Got a nice PC [computer]. Got a nice cell phone. Got a nice car. Got a decent house. I’m satisfied. I’ve seen, I’m one of the type of people, I don’t buy somethinguntil something breaks down, see. Some people might have thingsthat they want to upgrade. I’m not a big upgrade person. I wait till
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