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Who were the earliest explorers from Asia?MalaysiaWhy is there often a cross next to the east direction on maps?Is global warming melting the North Pole?Where are the Windward Islands?Why does Romania have so many orphans?What is brain drain?What is the Atacama desert?Where are the Prairie Provinces?Where is the Putrid Sea?Central African RepublicHow did the League of Nations fail?Are there more people or sheep in New Zealand?How does Hawaii protect itself from tsunamis?But what if I can't find the map I'm looking for?What are the largest metropolitan areas in the United States?What other countries have border disputes?What is the longest building in the world?What commodity makes the Persian Gulf so strategically important?EstoniaKazakhstanRELIGION Republic of the CongoWhat is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States?What is a wadi?What happened at Three Mile Island?Which state borders only one other state?Who are the Sherpa?How does the boiling point of water help determine altitude?Where is Catalonia?What is the difference between climate and weather?When did Phoenician explorers begin discovering and colonizing Europe?What is the significance of the San Andreas fault?TanzaniaWho rules Andorra?Which city has the most taxis?Why would countries want colonies?What is the tallest dam in the world?How wide is a degree of latitude?MauritaniaHow do the Netherlands keep getting bigger?Did people bathe in Bath?What is the mid-Atlantic ridge?Does the Earth spin at a constant rate?How important is China to the biodiversity in the world?How have satellites changed map making?Where was the first shopping mall in the United States?GabonHow can maps be used to start wars?RIVERS AND LAKES Does Yugoslavia still exist?When was January 1 chosen as the beginning of the year?How long is a day?Who was Alexander von Humboldt?AcknowledgmentsWhat is the actual name of Bogotá?TurkeyAntigua and BarbudaAlbaniaWhat is a theocracy?What is a moor?Why is it very wet on one side of a mountain range?What is a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid or PHA?Where did agriculture begin?Why are some borders curvy while others are straight?MauritiusAre all fjords found in Norway?AUSTRALIA What is the highest fjord in Norway?Where in Egypt do most Egyptians live?What are the lowest points on each continent?Are glaciers only found in cold, northern places?Why did the sun never set on the British Empire?AzerbaijanWhy does the ground sink?When did people start eating with forks and spoons?What are latitude and longitude lines?Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesIs the Tasmanian devil a real animal?What time is it in Antarctica?Where does Los Angeles get its water?FinlandWhat was the Trail of Tears?How big is the Sahara Desert?What was the intent of Magellan's Expedition?Why is the Mediterranean Sea so salty?Where is Gaul?Can a woman have multiple husbands?How many automobiles are there in the United States?What is the only Catholic country in Asia?What is the best way to help after a disaster?Who owns all of those islands in the Pacific Ocean?Are there lots of mosquitoes on the Mosquito Coast?EgyptNORTH AND CENTRAL AMERICAWhat are interstate highways?What is Zoroastrianism?Which Middle Eastern country has the highest percentage of urban population?Where is Camelot?CameroonHow many people have been killed during the U.S. war with Iraq?MonacoCENTRAL AMERICAAFRICABahrainHow much of Mexico's population lives in Mexico City?LANGUAGE AND RELIGION Where are the highest rivers in the world?What playwright and author became president of an Eastern European country?HUMAN CIVILIZATION What is the largest country in the world?How are mountains formed?What was the first city to have more than one million people?How cold is Siberia?When did the twenty-first century begin?Does lightning ever strike twice in the same place?Which countries colonized Africa?Where is the Rock of Gibraltar?How did trains help establish time zones?What waterfall has the largest flow of water?How was Pompeii destroyed?LuxembourgWhat are the largest cities of Europe?SudanWhat is the most dangerous state to live in due to tornadoes?What does the scale of a map tell me?What is the Mercalli scale?What were Thomas Malthus' ideas on population growth?BelizeIs there enough food to feed the world?Has NAFTA helped trade between Canada, Mexico, and the United States?Where is the equator?New ZealandWhat is an atoll?What is MERCOSUR?Who carved Mt. Rushmore?PanamaOCEANIAWhat is a bullet train?What is the largest island in the United States?What are the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn?What did the Mason-Dixon line originally divide?SurinameWhat is the problem with a calendar based on the cycles of the moon?What was Zimbabwe's previous name?HISTORYWhich religions came to be practiced first?What is the difference between small and large scale maps?OTHER HAZARDS AND DISASTERS MexicoWhich member of the United Nations could not serve on the Security Council?MEXICO Where is the longest Main Street in the United States?How was Mt. Kilimanjaro formed?Which river carries the most water?How did factories in the U.S.S.R. end up on the east side of the country?Burkina FasoHISTORY What was Manifest Destiny?Where does Europe end and Asia begin?How much beef does Australia export?How many oceans are there?What is the largest continent?GreeceIs there land at the North Pole?AngolaDid everyone during Christopher Columbus's time think that the world was flat?What is a tropical glacier?What city is known as the Earthquake City?What makes New Delhi so new?HondurasHungaryWhere is the third world?How do maquiladoras help clothe the United States?What is in the Taj Mahal?Why don't we feel the Earth moving?What is the circumference of the Earth?HISTORY AND INSTRUMENTS Why did early humans have no need for hours, days, weeks, or months?Where is Timbuktu?What were the Buddhas of Bamiyan?PEOPLE, COUNTRIES, AND CITIES Were the Romans the only civilization to develop water resources in an advanced way?Where is the Black Forest?How many people in the world are classified as urban dwellers?CITIES AND SUBURBSWhat were Lewis and Clark looking for?Which countries have the fewest neighbors?How thick is the Earth's crust?Where was East Pakistan?What is the highest settlement in the United States?What are the capitals of Bolivia?Where is the French Riviera?What is El Niño?How many African countries are landlocked?THE NEW WORLDDo oases really exist?ComorosWhat two countries emerged from Czechoslovakia?How did the Inca civilization experiment with climate?How much rice does China produce?Is global warming causing the world's glaciers to melt?Is the ozone layer being depleted?Who was Che Guevara?Where are the Leeward Islands?Why do some cultures kill infants?ASIAMalawiHow big is Siberia?Which is farther east, Santiago, Chile, or Miami, Florida?What are the highest points on each continent?What are the four climatic regions of the Andes?What is the largest office building in the world?COLONIES AND EXPANSIONISM What is the oldest continually occupied city in the United States?READING AND USING MAPS What is an azimuth?EARTHQUAKESWhat started the fighting in Chechnya?Why does a first-born son get everything?How does the United Nations preserve peace?How many people live on the planet?YemenHow many layers are in the atmosphere?How did Australia get its name?How do forest fires help forests?Which advanced industrial democracy ranks last in giving foreign aid as calculated as a percentage of its GNP?How, why, and how much does Magnetic North move?Trinidad and TobagoIf I dug through the Earth, would I end up in China?Is the Middle East a desert?AustraliaAIR TRANSPORTATIONWhat is Truce Village?Why is Christopher Columbus credited with discovering the New World?How wide is a degree of longitude?What are nomads?What is the world's busiest seaport?What is a renewable resource?What is a turnpike?Do things really disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?Who provides food to North Korea today?What is a Mediterranean climate?KenyaWhere do most legal immigrants to the United States come from?RussiaHow many desalination plants are there?Where are the four colored seas: Black, Yellow, Red, and White?What is geographic illiteracy?EASTERN EUROPE Which state has the highest divorce rate?How did irredentism help start World War II?How thick is Greenland's ice sheet?What is the Pan-American Highway?Where is Greater Syria?LithuaniaHow long is Chile?UkraineWhat are the horse latitudes?Why are we losing ground water?Why is color important on a relief map?Why were 10 days lost from the year in 1582?How does medical geography help control the spread of diseases?What was Seward's Folly?What is the Commonwealth?What are the different kinds of clouds?How do CFCs destroy ozone?How can I learn more about disasters in my town?What is a water clock?Has global warming affected the ice on Mt. Kilimanjaro?What is the difference between a State and a state?Who is a peon?What was the Oregon Trail?CULTURAL GEOGRAPHYWhich Middle Eastern country has the most tourism?What is a fossil?Why has Afghanistan been contested and invaded so many times?What are fossil fuels?Who are the Maygar?If the Earth is so large, why did Columbus think that India was close enough to reach by sailing west from Europe?How many lesbian and gay people are there in the world?Who was Vancouver, Canada, named after?KuwaitWho designed and planned the capital of Brazil?How many countries named Congo are there?How many people are projected to live on the planet in 2040?What are the westerlies?What percentage of Americans have used cocaine?What is a hazard?What cities have the most crime in the United States?What is Iceland's leading export?What is Devil's Island?What is a strait?What is the largest building in the world in terms of floor space?How can a legend help me read a map?PakistanWhat are the two cultural groups that make up Belgium?What is the St. Lawrence Seaway?What is the world's second-longest barrier reef?Where is Brunei?What is Africa's most populous country?What is Randstad?Where did Gauguin live?How many islands make up the Maldives?Where do the illegal immigrants come from?How many tectonic plates are there?Why isn't Taiwan recognized by the U.S. government?Where is Atlantis?What is balkanization?Can you ski in New Zealand?What is the difference between a country and a nation?What is Micronesia?What is a jungle?How did the Nazis use geopolitics?TongaWhat are the largest and smallest counties in the United States?NATURAL RESOURCES Where is the highest lake in the world?What are ice core samples and why are they important?How much of the Earth's surface is frozen?What does a 40 percent chance of rain really mean?Which non-island nations have the fewest neighbors?What do dams do?Which country spends the most money on the military?Where does cocaine come from?SpainIf I keep walking in a straight line, will the Coriolis effect cause me to veer?How did Cuba become a Communist country?THE EARTHWhere did Bombay go?Where is all the water?How many taxi cab drivers are there in the United States?What is the most popular national park in the United States?Who are the Aborigines?How many countries end in the suffix "stan"?What are hot springs?What are the Andes?What is a long lot?Is a magnitude 10 the top of the Richter scale?What is one of the only countries in the world to provide constitutional protection to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals?What does an earthquake feel like?How are waves created?Who is Nelson Mandela?MAPSSingaporeRUSSIA AND EASTERN EUROPEHow many foreign students attend universities and colleges in the United States?How big is Russia?Is the Gregorian calendar accurate?What is the Organization of African Unity?What was the Nazis' plan for Madagascar?What is the ozone layer?Have compasses always pointed north?What is a thunderstorm?Which countries are members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)?LibyaWhat is the windiest place on Earth?Why did Peru and Ecuador fight two wars in the twentieth century?How many really big earthquakes occur each year?What is the world's most densely populated island?Where is Dum Dum airport?Where on the planet is it light 24 hours a day in the summer?What is the most popular theme park in the United States?What is the world's largest lake?When did Brazil move its capital city?What is a fjord?NepâiOCEANIA AND ANTARCTICAWho controls the world's oil supply?What is a desert?What are the seven natural wonders of the world?Which religions are practiced by the most people?Where is the northernmost rain forest?When was the first freeway built in the United States?Should we use candles after a disaster or power outage?Which country is the world's leading lead producer?What is a cartel?What is the capital of Australia?ChinaWhat is a tsunami?MoldovaHow does land turn into desert?CITIES AND COUNTIES What are some of the world's most active volcanoes, in terms of numbers of years of eruptions?How can I obtain a flood map of my community?How many volcanoes does Iceland have?Which is larger, clay or sand?SerbiaHow many indigenous people live in the Arctic?Who was Lech Walesa?Where was the first self-service gas station?How large a part of the Soviet Union was Russia?SwitzerlandWhat is a watershed?Which countries are surrounded entirely by landlocked countries?What is air pollution?What's the difference between England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom?What is a floodplain?How many states are in Mexico?Who are the Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims?Who are Kiwis?How does the hydrologic cycle work?Where was the world's first monument to an insect established?CanadaWhat is a plaza?What country is crossed by both the equator and a Tropic?PEOPLE, COUNTRIES, AND CITIES PeruWhat is the busiest airport outside of the United States?MadagascarParaguayWhen was the first watch made?Why do we have Daylight Saving Time?MicronesiaOCEANS AND SEAS Who was Muhammed?DenmarkHow many McDonald's restaurants are there in the world?How did the Berlin Conference of 1884 help expedite the colonization of Africa?PortugalHow many state names end in the letter "a"?How wide is the Strait of Gibraltar?SamoaHow does the tilt of the Earth affect the seasons?United Arab EmiratesHow has GIS revolutionized cartography?How old is the Earth?Are there still glaciers in the United States?What is a city?What is China's one-child rule?Who was Ponce de Leon?What is the difference between a lingua franca and a pidgin?Which religions began in the Middle East?The NetherlandsHow did the Monroe Doctrine protect the Americas?What was Babylonia?Why do third world countries no longer exist?What is the largest city in Siberia?How far did the Islamic Empire spread?Are all countries divided into one-hour time zones?What is a rain shadow?LatviaHow did Julius Caesar fix the calendar?How fast is the Russian economy expanding?What is the life expectancy in Japan?JapanWhat is the largest city in the Amazon River basin?EcuadorDoes air pressure change with elevation?What is an aquifer?Which countries restrict Internet access to what is deemed unfavorable content by their governments?Saint Kitts and NevisWhat state has only one legislative body?How can I determine the distance between two places by using a scale?Who's fighting over the Falkland Islands?What is the only state with a diamond mine?What was the highest temperature ever recorded?What are volcanoes?What is a delta?Where is the oldest church in the Americas?Saudi ArabiaHow did America get its name?CroatiaCONTROLLING WATERVanuatuThailandWhat is acid rain?DEFINITIONS Which natural disasters doesn't Southern California experience?What are dust devils?How many illegal immigrants are there in the United States?What different types of lightning are there?What is the longest bridge in the world?How big is Russia's Lake Baikal?What language do people in Madagascar speak?Where is the Maghreb?How many time zones does China have?When was the second agricultural revolution?How many tourists visit Russia each year?NorwayWhat is the origin of the word "monsoon"?ArgentinaHow does water wash away the land?How do most people travel across Russia?Where was Checkpoint Charlie?Why is Greenland considered an island while Australia is a continent?What is the smallest country in Southeast Asia?SenegalSloveniaAre mega-urban area populations growing?What is the largest airport in the world?Who was Kublai Khan?How many Potentially Hazardous Asteroids is NASA tracking that could impact the Earth in the twenty-first century?What does a glacier leave behind?What is the Richter scale?MacedoniaWhat is the longest river in Europe?What is a good way to learn where places are?What are the Balkan States?What road in the United States was known as the National Road?What is the DART array?SOUTH AMERICAWhich country produces the most gold?How can GPS keep me from getting lost?What are some of the largest South Korean companies?How many republics or states comprised the former Soviet Union?What are incidence maps?LIGHTNINGKyrgyzstanKosovoTHE WORLD ECONOMY THE ATMOSPHERE Which state has the most lakes?What part of Southeast Asia is one of the most contested geographic regions in the world?Which country first granted women the right to vote?Where is the center of the contiguous United States?Is Greenland really green?Why did Macedonia's name cause problems between that country and Greece?What is a perpetual resource?Who is Osama bin Laden?What is the difference between snow and hail?CLIMATEHIGH, LOW, BIG, SMALL, AND WONDROUSWhat is a dhoni?CubaWhere is the Barbary Coast?Where does wind come from?What is the difference between an ocean and a sea?THE POLESWhat is the northernmost landmass in the world?Who are the Bedouin?How was Niagara Falls stopped?PEOPLE AND COUNTRIESHow many places on Earth have evidence of asteroid impacts?KEEPING TIMEDominican RepublicTRANSPORTATION AND URBAN GEOGRAPHYHow do airplanes create clouds?How many educational institutions are there in the United States?Why do some countries choose not to join the United Nations?NamibiaIs Singapore a city or a country?NauruUNITED STATES OF AMERICAWhat part of a hurricane is most damaging?What is the primary religion throughout Latin America?Why is Cabinda separate from Angola?TurkmenistanWhere is South America's population clustered?Who is the biggest producer of oil in Europe?What is the jet stream?Is Scotland a country?What is a glacier?Why don't FM radio waves travel very far?SyriaHow fast do hurricane winds blow?Is the Empty Quarter empty?Where is the Horn of Africa?What was the Rainbow Warrior?How do people cope with continual light or darkness in high latitudes?Where was the Pale of Settlement?How thick is Antarctica's ice?JamaicaWhat is the difference between a highway and a freeway?Where is Acadiana?What is the highest point in the world?Is Transylvania a country?What was the last Central American country to obtain its independence?What is the oldest public park in the United States?How do cartographers shape our world?MontenegroWhere is the Yucatan?Why don't Americans eat horse meat?Timor-LesteWho discovered the source of the Nile River?NicaraguaNATO AND THE COLD WARWhat percentage of Americans volunteer each year?HAZARDS AND DISASTERSWhat is geologic time?What countries are threatened the most from rising sea levels, and may cease to exist in the twenty-first century?Is Equatorial Guinea on the equator?Why was Eisenhower a fan of interstate highways?LebanonWho was the first person to reach the North Pole?Was the flooding of the Nile predictable before dams were built?Which country is the world's leading bauxite producer?How many people live in Moscow?Are there an equal number of boy and girl babies born?What role did Russia play in World War II?What did the average European know about the world in the Middle Ages?What is Africa's largest lake?How did the United States reach its present form?Where was the first atomic bomb used on a populated area?What type of rocks are formed from particles?What do the Cumberland Road and Cumberland Gap have to do with each other?Where is tornado alley?What is an oxbow lake?What is the leading cause of death in the United States?Where are Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental?What is the Bight of Bonny?Where is the longest fjord?What are the solstices?What is the Gaza Strip?What is a subcontinent?Why was computing longitude so difficult?PHYSICAL FEATURES AND RESOURCESHow many people speak Arabic in the world?How much does a gallon of water weigh?PEOPLE, COUNTRIES, AND CITIESBrazilJordanWhat is South Korea's national slogan?Who is Alberto Fujimori and what has he done for Peru?What is Russia's official name?What are basins and ranges?How much of the ozone layer is being depleted?What city is named for a game show?What is a hemisphere?What are the Alps?How much rain does it take to make a flood?How is water used in the home?What was the Potsdam Conference?What is the largest shopping mall in terms of gross leasable area?Where can you see the Great Wall?Why do mosques have domes?How did the bikini get its name?Who are the Kurds?How much junk is there in space?What is Mardi Gras?How did the Ukraine help feed the Soviet Union?How many official languages are there in South Africa?Who was Haile Selassie?ZimbabweWhat is a desalination plant?THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTHow widespread was the influenza pandemic of 1918?MyanmarIs the Great Wall of China the only man-made object that can be seen from space?(ZAR) LiberiaWho was the first person to reach the South Pole?How many refugees are there?What is a drainage basin?WESTERN EUROPEWhy is there a tiny piece of Russia in the middle of Eastern Europe?What is the National Flood Insurance Program?Why do houses fall into sinkholes?When was the most territory added to the United States at one time?HISTORYWhich African country has Spanish as an official language?Why is the growth rate declining?SeychellesWhere can I buy maps?When did Canada have a transcontinental railway?Which country is the world's leading copper producer?BelarusWhat was Levittown?KiribatiWhat world weather records does the United States hold?Where does Asia end and Europe begin?Which country was the world's first welfare state?Which country has the highest per capita GDP?What are some world weather records?What is a topographic map?What is the deepest lake in the United States?What is a sundial?SwedenUruguayWhich state has the longest coastline?Which country is composed of seven sheikdoms?IsraelIs it possible to drive across Russia?MozambiqueWhat was the baby boom?Who decides which names go on maps?What are the largest seas?Where did some of the first cities of the world begin?What is a willy-willy?Where is the highest life expectancy on Earth?Where is the farthest point from land?How did the United States obtain the Virgin Islands?MaltaCan you ski in the Middle East?What countries have the most Internet usage?How many times have North and South Korea met to negotiate a solution to the division of Korea in Panmunjom?Is the Black Sea really black?What is the largest building in the world, in terms of usable space?What is Aotearoa?SOUTHEAST ASIAWhich countries are not members of the United Nations?Does India have a population control program similar to China's?What caused the great Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004?What is a Gypsy?How many provinces are in Canada?What should I do when a tornado approaches?What is the largest freshwater lake in the world?Where is the biggest desalination plant in the United States?EUROPE AND ASIA BeninHow much did the population of New Orleans decline after Hurricane Katrina struck?What is the world's largest tropical rain forest?How does geography influence politics?VenezuelaURBAN STRUCTURES Why is every map distorted?How does the population of Tokyo change each day?What happens when I cross the International Date Line?TORNADOESWhere is the rustbelt?How can I measure how much rain falls where I live?What was the first airplane flown?What statue overlooks Rio de Janeiro?How many Irish left during the Great Starvation?How old is the oldest known map?Czech RepublicWhat is the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic?How many Native American tribes are there in the United States?Where is the world's largest marsh?Are all Israelis Jewish?What are the five most populous U.S. states?Is there any permanent ice in Africa?How long are the Rockies?Why do people travel to Mecca?How has the West Bank caused conflict?Does the Coriolis effect make the water in my toilet, sink, and bathtub swirl clockwise?What are the world's newest countries?Did glaciers create the Great Lakes?How big was the largest hailstone?What is the North Magnetic Pole?Which state borders the most others?How many people are killed in the United States by lightning?How high is tree line?What is the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center?Who was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean from its eastern shore?When were the first clocks made?CHINA AND MIDDLE ASIA CambodiaWhat is Benelux?Why does Bangladesh flood so often?Where is the world's second-highest mountain?How many active volcanoes are there in the world?Was San Francisco destroyed by earthquake or by fire in 1906?How many states have four-letter names?Who was Captain Kidd?What is evapotranspiration?What is the busiest airport in the world?In the past, how many people were sold into slavery in the United States?Where is the sunbelt?Sierra LeoneBulgariaWhere was the first commercial air flight?How much of the world's population is devoted to agriculture?Why are there so many starving people in Ethiopia?What are the seven seas?How many people died as a result of the subsequent failure of the levees and flooding after Hurricane Katrina struck?UgandaWhere is the Jutland Peninsula?What are monsoons?Which Middle Eastern country has the largest population?Where is Crimea?What is the difference between a watch and a warning?IcelandWhere are the active volcanoes in the United States?Why is Coney Island called an island even though it's not?What fish, once thought to be extinct, suddenly appeared near Comoros?Where was the most snowfall ever recorded?Do Caucasians come from the Caucasus Mountains?How many cities are in the United States?What is Oceania?Is there a high risk of earthquakes in the Midwestern United States?What is an atomic clock?What were some of the earliest colonies?How much market share does Russia's national airline, Aeroflot, have?Where does it rain the least?What other countries have disputes over lines drawn on maps?What is a meander?Where is the Bay of Pigs?What transition took place within Hong Kong in 1997?VietnamWhy was there a Russian outpost in California?Why are graves above the ground in Louisiana?El SalvadorWhen was the first automobile built?Equatorial GuineaWhat are the British Isles?What is the green revolution?What was the Ottoman Empire?How many islands does Hawaii include?THE WEST INDIES What was the Maginot Line?OmanCape VerdeHow many people lived on the islands of Seychelles before 1770?LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE What are satellites photographing?What is the Ring of Fire?NEW ZEALANDWhat is the Oglala Aquifer?IrelandWhy is it hotter in the city than in the countryside?What are ice ages?BruneiWhat is an urban area?Aside from the Louisiana Purchase, how was the American West obtained?What do b.c. and a.d. stand for?What is continentality?PRECIPITATION What revolution attempted to stop world hunger?How many Great Lakes are there?How did Israel become a country?What was the world's worst nuclear disaster?What is the highest lake in North America?Is the Earth a perfect sphere?SomaliaHow long have Communists been in power in China?What is the highest point in the United States?Saint LuciaIs Australia the smallest continent?What are some of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities in the world and when were they established?Who is an ayatollah?Who was Prester John?RomaniaHow did a map help stop the spread of cholera?What is the difference between Central and Latin America?Guinea-BissauWhat is Nunavut?Where does it rain the most?What is Land's End?EthiopiaLiechtensteinCote d'lvoireCONFLICTS AND NATIONS What type of calendar was used in the Soviet Union between 1929 and 1940?Which country in Africa is the only country that is not a member of the African Union?Which country is the top exporter of goods and services?Sâo Tomé and PrincipeHow does a choke point "choke" a body of water?Which river carries more water than any other in the world?The GambiaWhat is the National Geographic Society?BoliviaWhat is the population of the United States?Where is Asia Minor?THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT TuvaluWhat South American city has more Japanese residents than any city outside of Japan?Where is the world's largest church?TIME, CALENDARS, AND SEASONSHas the Mediterranean Sea always been there?What is a tributary?What are the Arctic and Antarctic Circles?Which is further west—Los Angeles, California, or Reno, Nevada?What is a fault?Who decides where houses can be built?What is the most common last name in the world?What was the Klondike Gold Rush?Was Cuba ever a part of the United States?What is the most populous country in the world?What was Pangea?What is the least-densely populated country in the world?What is the world's highest capital city?What is the highest point east of the Mississippi?Who is the biggest exporter of rice in the world?TIME ZONES How did the Soviet Bloc countries respond to the creation of NATO?Why is Russia always one hour ahead?What did James Cook not discover?THE UNITED NATIONS What is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?When was the first flight achieved?IraqHow much has the magnetic north pole moved?What causes earthquakes?Where is the Bible Belt?Which country is the world's leading coffee producer?Is Puerto Rico a state?What is a nautical mile?What is Bollywood?What is Europe's oldest independent state?How much energy does one bolt of lightning contain?What is the deepest lake in North America?POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY What is the oldest European settlement in eastern Asia?What is the Chunnel?What is the difference between GNP and GDP?CyprusWhat does the suffix "stan" mean?What is the longest river in the world?Why did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan in 1979?GLACIERS AND FJORDS THE LAND AND HISTORY How long does it take to travel by train across Russia?What are some of the most expensive cities in the world?What was the industrial revolution?What was Gran Colombia?What do modern geographers do?What is the lowest point on dry land?What are ocean currents?WINDWho invented the traffic signal?What is a compass rose?What is an epicenter?FijiHow many African countries were independent in 1950?What were the earliest maps?Which South American country was the first to gain independence from colonial rule?BelgiumFrom where does the word "fjord" originate?What type of rocks are formed by lava?GermanyWhat are the consequences when glaciers melt?Is Chicago really the "windy city?"What is the European Union?What is the holiest site in Mecca?Which celestial bodies are the days of the week named after?North KoreaWhat are tornadoes?MaldivesHow much of the Earth is usually covered by clouds?Are kangaroos native to Australia?ColombiaNigeriaWhat have been some of the most destructive floods in history?How big was the Mongol Empire?How fast does the Earth spin?United KingdomWhat were Marco Polo's contributions to exploration?THE WORLD TODAY What is the difference between relative and absolute location?What was the first tunnel through the Alps?Where does the name El Niño come from?Did Hitler create the Autobahn?What is the effect of global warming and climate change on Earth?Where will the biggest dam in the world be located?Why does Hawaii have interstate highways?How big is the area of the North Pole ice region?How many counties are in the United States?What is the world's largest island?What is a boomerang?CANADA What is continental drift?Where did the mutineers of the Bounty land?What are the five smallest states?AndorraWhich African country is the world's leading producer of cocoa beans?How did North and South Korea come to be?What does the word "geography" mean?When did Burma become Myanmar?What does a canal lock do?GrenadaWhere are the Highlands?What is the world's longest freshwater lake?Who was Simon Bolivar?PEOPLE AND CULTUREHow many countries does the United States recognize?Why was the Erie Canal built?How long did it take for the world population to double in size?AFRICAWhat is the difference between a bay and a gulf?GeorgiaWho was one of the great African American explorers?What is an archipelago?How did a lake kill more than 2,000 people?NigerHow many religions have holy sites in Jerusalem?BarbadosPolandWhat was the U.S.S.R.?What is the Royal Flying Doctor Service?Where did the Inca civilization develop?What is the oldest map using the word America?What is the purpose of NATO now that the Soviet Union is gone?What is the most common street name in the United States?Which explorer was named the Grand Imperial Eunuch by the Emperor of China?Whose body was preserved and then hand-carried for nine months to the coast of Africa?Where is the largest coral reef in the world?What time is it at the North and South Poles?What do a.m. and p.m. mean?What is the highest waterfall in the world?When were time zones established in the United States?How does military time work?What is a tropical rain forest?ANTARCTICA How are hurricanes ranked?How much of the Earth is covered by water?How was the New World divided between Spain and Portugal?What is global warming?Where is Ouagadougou?What is inside the Earth?What is a tree line?What monetary unit is used in Panama?The PhilippinesHow many countries are members of the United Nations?What are the four main islands that make up Japan?How prevalent is AIDS in Africa?How do you drive to the island country of Bahrain?What time is it at 12:00 a.m.?How long is China's Great Wall?EritreaWhat should I do in the event of a flood?When did the Suez Canal begin to operate?Do all countries have states?ArmeniaWho settled Denmark?GuineaHow does a city get chosen to host the Olympics?THE PHILIPPINES AND INDONESIA San MarinoWhich country has the lowest maximum elevation in the world?Where is the farthest point from an ocean?What is the world's largest Islamic nation?How many capital cities does South Africa have?How does India's caste system work?When did Daylight Saving Time move from the end to the beginning of April in the United States?What is the oldest known map drawn to scale?How do I convert Fahrenheit to Celsius to Kelvin?Which place in South America is part of the European Union?What do minutes and seconds have to do with longitude and latitude?What is Melanesia?Which volcano poses the most risk to people in Europe?What is the oldest college in the United States?How does a sextant help navigators?Why was the border between the Yemen and Saudi Arabia dashed on maps?Which country had the world's first legislature?Sri LankaGREENLAND AND THE NORTH POLE REGIONHow many people visit the Caribbean each year?What is a Near Earth Object (NEO)?Who disguised himself as a Muslim to travel to Mecca?What is a 100-year flood?DEALING WITH HAZARDS Which countries give the highest proportion of their GNP in the form of aid to other countries?What was Mesopotamia?What are the most heavily urbanized countries in South America?What is a census?Is Mt. Everest growing taller?What is the Middle East in the middle of?What is the difference between magma and lava?MaliWhere has one-third of the population of Suriname emigrated to since 1975?How is a capital different from a capitol?Who lives in the City of the Dead?Are lines of longitude and latitude all the same length?What percentage of American households regularly give to charitable organizations?Which country has more languages than any other in the world?MIDDLE EASTWhich country has the longest coast line?How does South Korea rank in the world economy?ROADS AND RAILWAYS Why is permafrost so important?What was Hurricane Katrina?What are the Apennines?When was the compass invented?Who owns Easter Island?Papua New GuineaWhat is Hadrian's Wall?How did the Himalayas form?What is the tallest self-supporting structure in the world?How valuable is a college education in the United States?Which comes first, latitude or longitude?How does Japan get its oil?Why do they speak French in Québec?Where are Egypt's pyramids?What is the most populated urban area in the world?Why are the Blue Nile and White Nile Rivers both called Niles?When and where was the last great impact on the Earth from a Near Earth Object?GhanaWhat are the sources of air pollution?How much pressure does the atmosphere exert upon us?South KoreaWhat are the largest Canadian urban areas?When did suburbs become fashionable?LaosChadTHE STATES Costa RicaWhat were the Crusades?How many provinces are there in South Africa?What is the world's shortest river?Where is the world's largest mountain?What is the largest landlocked country in the world?How fast did the Mayflower sail?What did the phrase "fifty-four forty or fight" mean?ZambiaTogoHow is northern Canada gaining elevation?What is tundra?What is the lowest point in the world on land?Solomon IslandsWhen did the United States control the Philippines?Why does Greenland appear larger on most maps than it actually is?When did the Chinese Empire begin naval exploration?ChileWhere does the Tour de France begin and end?How much is the sea level rising?What has the world's population been over time?Where is the land of the rising sun?DEFINITIONS AND HISTORY EXPLORATIONHow was Taiwan created?What caused the Bhopal disaster?What are the five least populous U.S. states?Bosnia and HerzegovinaWas Australia really used as a penal colony?The BahamasWho owns the Panama Canal?How salty is sea water?Why did the United States invade Iraq?What are the Baltic States?What is the axis of the Earth?United StatesWhat was the French Community?When did the Iraq War begin?Who invented geography?Who are the Maori?What are the five largest states?How do farmers water their crops?How is rainfall measured?How many islands make up Indonesia?What catastrophe happened in North Korea in 1995?What nationalities were the 9/11 terrorists?What is the leading cause of disaster-related death in the United States?How many airports are there in the United States?When do countries in the Southern Hemisphere observe Daylight Saving Time?Why was the Vietnam War fought, and what were some of the consequences?How much land disappears when the sea level rises?LesothoRwandaWhat is Caprivi's Finger?Why is Cyprus divided?How can I remember which way latitude and longitude run?TSUNAMISWhy is a book of maps called an atlas?What makes a piece of paper a map?Why isn't Tibet on the map?What were Lewis and Clark looking for?MongoliaHow do the people on the tiny islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean go shopping?What is the National Geographic-Roper Public Affairs Geographic Literacy Study?Which continent has the highest average elevation?Which 10 countries have the most people?What language is spoken in the Maldives?ItalyWhat is the largest church building in the world?Where are the low countries?What is the Arirang Festival?What was the first major city in the Western Hemisphere?What is the Fujita scale of tornado intensity?OZONEHow many businesses are started each year in the United States?What type of calendar did the French use between 1793 and 1806?Of all the humans who have ever lived, what proportion of them are alive today?When was the last interstate highway built?How old are glaciers?What are the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost, and westernmost cities in the United States?QatarWhat did Marco Polo note in his journals about the Chinese fleet, when he arrived in the thirteenth century?How many African countries were colonized by Italy?Which country has the most Azeri-speaking people?Was the 2005 New Orleans disaster caused by a flood or a hurricane?Where is Indochina?What are continents?How many people are abducted and sold into slavery each year?THE SEASONS How much water is in snow?What was the first independent country in the Caribbean?DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME What is the Terracotta Army?What was Pangea?What is the Coriolis effect?Are there tornadoes in Europe?What is the highest navigable lake in the world?LANDSCAPES AND ECOSYSTEMS What is the Great Wall of China made of?What percentage of the world's poor live in South America?Which country has the highest GDP?What's NAFTA?When did agriculture begin?IranWhich river touches more countries than any other?TunisiaWhich states are earthquake-free?How long did Japan occupy and colonize Korea?What did Genghis Khan conquer?Which South American territory has yet to gain its independence?UzbekistanWhat was the United Arab Republic?How is hail formed?Why was the Prime Meridian established at Greenwich?BotswanaWhich Southeast Asian country is one of the world's richest?What is the tallest skyscraper in the world?What is the world's most commonly spoken language?What is ethnic cleansing?CONTINENTS AND ISLANDS Who invented the first train?Which Hawaiian island was once a leper colony?What were some of the most destructive tornadoes in U.S. history?What is the Gregorian calendar?BhutanWhat is the highest mountain on Earth?How early were the islands of the Pacific explored?What's the big red rock in the middle of Australia?DjiboutiWhat is the longest river in the United States?PHYSICAL FEATURES AND RESOURCES How many countries has the U.S. military attacked or occupied since the beginning of the year 2000?JAPAN AND THE KOREAN PENINSULAWhat is pinyin?What is the Strait of Magellan?What was the Rwanda genocide?What was the Berlin Wall?When was the first permanent British settlement established in the United States?How are different types of climates classified?HISTORY CALENDARS PHYSICAL FEATURES AND RESOURCES What is the NCGE?What was the world's first skyscraper?What is the Giro d'Italia?MODERN MAPPING Who would purposely create false maps?What major American city loses more people than any other?What are the most commonly spoken languages of the world?What are the most polluted cities in the world in terms of air quality?Where is the southernmost glacier in Europe?SwazilandDemocratic Republic of the CongoIs it safe to stand in a doorway during an earthquake?AlgeriaIndonesiaWhat is a megalopolis?What is nuclear winter?SlovakiaHow can I find the latitude and longitude of a particular place?How many miles of paved road are there in the United States?DominicaWhat is the difference between a physical and a political map?How much money have U.S. taxpayers spent on the war in Iraq?How can a gazetteer help me find latitude and longitude?How many countries are there in Africa?RUSSIA AND THE FORMER SOVIET STATESWhere are hot springs used by people around the world?What is permafrost?What are the seven hills of Rome?How many Native American reservations are there in the United States?Is the permafrost thawing?GuatemalaWhat was apartheid?What should I do in the event of an earthquake?What did the domino effect have to do with United States involvement in the Vietnam War?What is the world's southernmost city?What is the difference between Islam and a Muslim?Is the Strait of Magellan crooked?What is the official neckwear of Arizona?How can GIS help my town?How many people live on the Earth?Which country lies completely within South Africa?What makes Brazilian automobiles run?COUNTRIES OF THE WORLDHow large is Brazil?How do sand dunes move?What is a low high temperature and a high low temperature?AustriaWhen was the Gregorian calendar adopted in the United States?FranceWho was the first European to reach North America?What is the highest railroad in the world?Why are the Missouri-Mississippi Rivers lumped together?ASTEROIDS AND NEAR EARTH OBJECTS BurundiWhat is the world's most visited mountain?What were the seven wonders of the ancient world?Vatican CityGuyanaMoroccoWhat is The Hague?What are the largest cities in the Middle East?Which country has the world's highest population density?What is the greenhouse effect?How can I find the exact time?What is the Three Gorges Dam?Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs?What two cities make up Budapest?CLIMATIC TRENDS Which South American countries are members of OPEC?Which states are split into multiple time zones?What do b.c.e. and c.e. stand for?Why is it important to have an out-of-state contact in case of a disaster?Measured by area, what is the largest city in the United States?Marshall IslandsWhich European country produces the most nuclear energy?How much oil is produced by Europe?In which direction does the west wind blow?Can you stand an egg on end only on the spring equinox?What is the Commonwealth of Independent States?How many Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mecca each year?SEA TRANSPORT What was East Timor?POPULATION How does a GPS unit know where I am?How fast do you have to travel west to arrive earlier than when you left?What are the principal industries in the Maldives?WATER AND ICEWhich country has a flag of only a single color and no design or emblem?Where does the Loch Ness Monster live?Who was John Wesley Powell?Where are the Arctic and Antarctic Circles?How did the Black Plague affect the world's population?How many volcanoes are in Europe?Why are road maps so difficult to fold?Which Russian city is among the most expensive in the world?What are the fastest growing U.S. cities in terms of population growth from 2000 to 2006?What do the Sandwich Islands and Hawaiian Islands have in common?How many times does lightning strike the Earth each year?What is Bandar Seri Begawan?Who won the Cold War?How dry is Antarctica?TajikistanHow many Native Americans were killed during the period of European colonization in the Americas?Who owns Walvis Bay?Who was the greatest explorer of the Arab world?South AfricaHaitiHow many time zones does the United States have?What are recycled rocks?Who owns Antarctica?Does the Earth always rotate and revolve around the sun at the same speed?VOLCANOES Who else controls the price of gas besides oil producers?What is Machu Picchu?IndiaWhere is the world's tallest waterfall?What port does landlocked Bolivia use?PEOPLE, COUNTRIES, AND CITIES What is the best shape for a country?How geologically active is Japan?What country in Africa has the world's highest minimum elevation?How is gerrymandering like a salamander?What was the Byzantine Empire?Will another large asteroid strike the Earth?How much does an employee of a maquiladora earn?CULTURES AROUND THE WORLD Where is Iwo Jima?How many Near Earth Objects is NASA tracking?Which countries lead the world in child poverty?What are the deepest points in the oceans?PHYSICAL FEATURES AND RESOURCES What top five countries will have the largest populations in 2050?FLOODS Do all roads really lead to Rome?BangladeshWhat is the difference between cultivation and domestication?What is a rain forest?What were the results of the 2006 National Geographic-Roper Public Affairs Geographic Literacy Study?What is the AAG?What is Polynesia?What is the continental divide?Where is the Kalahari Desert?Does radiation from a nuclear plant stop at the 10-mile (16 kilometer) zone?How many islands make up the Philippines?PalauWhat is a central business district?WEATHER AfghanistanOf all countries in Africa, which countries were never colonized?DEFINING THE WORLDHow were animals first domesticated?What is the Forbidden City?Which Middle Eastern country currently has the longest-ruling leader?What percentage of people live in the mega cities of the world?Is childbirth still a significant cause of death for women?What are the equinoxes?What is subduction?What is Ulan Bator?When were the first roads built?In which direction do ships sail through the Panama Canal?Where is the Middle East today?How many states have land north of Canada's southernmost point?How does Old Faithful shoot water into the air?How should we prepare for disaster?Why is the sky blue?What is a coral reef?What are the seven wonders of the modern world?HURRICANES How many Internet users are there in the United States?How did the ancient Romans get water to their cities?Where are the East and West Indies?Where does the name Saudi Arabia come from?What is the name of the currency of Botswana?TaiwanWhat is the center of North America?THE EARTH'S MATERIALS AND INTERNAL PROCESSESWhat is the driest state?Why is it more likely to rain in a city during the week than on the weekend?Where did Charles Darwin develop his theory of natural selection?What causes erosion?Why can I hear an AM radio station from hundreds of miles away at night but not during the day?What is Southeast Asia's largest oil-producing country?
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