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A short course of lectures
«Ace Your Teacher Interview»

A. General QuestionsWomen: What aspect of your teaching style would you like to change?: What kind of principal would you like to work for?Skills and ExperienceQ: Are you divorced?ProfessionalismShare your desire to learn. Using Anecdotes: What sets you apart from the crowd?Makes a Bad Impression in the Waiting Area: What do you think is the most difficult aspect of being a teacher?Is InarticulateDisplays Poor Social Skills: Do you believe you're qualified for this position?: Tell me about your most challenging discipline problem.: Why should I consider you for the position?A. Questions About the School/DistrictBlames Students: What would you consider to be a good homework assignment?: How would you handle varied reading abilities in your classroom?: Why did you apply for this position?: What do you know about this school?Performance Interviews: Describe the most challenging student you've experienced and how you dealt with him or her.Mock Interviews: What is your philosophy of classroom discipline?Communicates Ideas Poorly: What can you tell me about differentiated instruction?: What are the three courses you took that shaped the teacher you will be?Passion for TeachingG. Discipline, Motivation, and Classroom Management: Please describe the difference between content standards, benchmarks, and performance standards.: What have you found to be the toughest aspect of discipline?A. Questions to Ask Yourself About Your StrengthsStories—Tell 'Em StoriesIs Dishonest or Deceptive: What motivates you as a teacher?Know Your StrengthsHypothetical and Situational ScenariosTells the Interviewer What He or She Thinks the Interviewer Wants to Hear: Tell me about a time when your co-operating teacher wasn't happy with your teaching.: What are some of the challenges of inclusion?: Describe a situation in which you made a difference in a child's life.Isn't Flexible: What are some teaching methods used in full inclusion classrooms?: How will you involve the community in your classroom?The Thank-You LetterH. Parents and Community: What is the most exciting initiative happening in education today?GroupFollow-Up And Follow-ThroughVoiceWhat a School or District WantsFace-to-Face: How do you plan to individualize instruction?Body LanguagePresents a Poor AppearancePanel Interviews: What was your second career choice?Eight Interview Themes: If, for one day, you were empowered to make one change to the education system, what would it be?MenStudent NeedsDemonstrate how your life skills transfer into the classroom. E. Student-Centered QuestionsQuestions to Ask Yourself: Tell me about a time when you didn't perform well in student teaching.: What book are you currently reading or have you read recently?: Talk about the physical attributes of a classroom.: How have you handled criticism of your lessons or teaching performance?: What will you do if a parent challenges you?: How would you differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of your diverse learners?: What are some strategies you plan on using to teach learning-disabled students?Body Parts and Adornment: What is the purpose of assessment?: What skills do you think are most critical to this position?: What is the most important quality of a teacher?: What motivates you to be a teacher?: What is your philosophy regarding homework?: How do you handle discipline problems?Flexibility: What are some of your hobbies or leisure-time activities?: If you could change anything about your teacher-preparation program, what would it be?: Compared with other student teachers, how would you rate yourself?: What is the greatest asset you will bring to the teaching profession?The Themes of a Teacher InterviewE. Questions to Close the Interview: How much homework will you assign your students?Gives Short, Vague, or Incomplete AnswersShowcase your discipline or behavior-management skills. TelephoneAcknowledgments: What things about yourself would you like to bring out that have not yet been discussed in the interview?: What personal skill or work habit have you struggled to improve?: How will you integrate technology into your classroom?Student OrientationTeaching a Lesson: What type of person would you hire for this position?: What three things really make you angry?LikeabilityThe Bottom LineIs Discourteous, Ill-Mannered, and Disrespectful: Why weren't your grades better?The Single-Most Important Question You Must Always Answer!: Where do you want to be in five years?: If I walked into your classroom, what would it look like?: What two things would you like to improve about yourself?Has No Sense of DirectionTalks Too MuchUsing the Essential SevenGives Canned AnswersHas "Not My Job" Syndrome: How would your best friend describe you?: Why do you want to teach in this school/district?: What is RTI, and what are its advantages?: What were the most rewarding aspects of student teaching?Wait Time: What experiences have you had working with students other than student teaching?Argues with the Interviewer: Describe a teacher you admire.Reality Check : How do you stay current in education?: How do you know students have learned what you taught them?: What three expectations do you hold for yourself?Interview Formats and Types: What can you tell me about reading-comprehension instruction?: What are some ways to let parents know about the positive things going on in your classroom?D. Questions That Highlight Your Qualifications: What classroom-management techniques do you use or are you most comfortable with?What You Need to Know About Interviews: Describe a teaching strategy you use to maximize the learning potential of all students.: How would you handle a student saying, "You are the worst teacher ever! I hate you!"Has a Negative Attitude: How will your students' overall performance improve as a result of technology?Is a Know-It-AllLacks Confidence and Self-Esteem: How will you complement this school?: What are you going to do for that kid who just "doesn't get it"?D. Questions to Ask Yourself About the PositionE. Questions to Ask Yourself About the Overall InterviewC. Speech: Tell me (us) a little about yourself.First ImpressionsNervousnessEnthusiasm: What is the difference between assessment and evaluation?E. KnowledgeVolunteers Inappropriate InformationGives Defensive or Aggressive AnswersEye ContactD. PresentationDisplays No Knowledge of the School or District: Describe an ideal classroom.G. OtherElectronic: We have a number of applicants interviewing for this position. Why should we take a closer look at you?Respect Everybody: To establish a positive classroom environment, share what you will do the first few days of school.: How would you involve students in the development of classroom rules?Get up to speed on technology. Engages in Inappropriate Behaviors: What skills or abilities do you still need to develop?: Talk about time management.: What do you want to achieve as a teacher?C. Questions to Ask Yourself About the InterviewerA. Pre-InterviewExude confidence. : What steps would you take with a student who was disruptive in your classroom?Responding to Hypotheticals: Why shouldn't we hire you?Basic Interview Questions (and 123 Fantastic Responses)Q: Do you plan to get pregnant?: What are your professional goals for the next five years?: Why do you want to teach?One-on-One InterviewsC. Questions About the Teaching Environment: Why should teachers use lesson plans?: Tell me something about yourself that I didn't know from reading your resume.Sequential or Serial Interviews: What do you enjoy most about working with young people?: What is your philosophy of education?What You Need to KnowLacks Confidence: Describe your teaching style.The Secret Benefit of a Thank-You Letter: What can you tell me about inclusion?B. Personal: What concerns you most about teaching?: How would you involve parents in the affairs of your classroom?D. Classroom EnvironmentHas a Relaxed or Informal Attitude: What is your greatest strength as a teacher?Uses Poor Grammar: What do you like best about teaching? What do you like least?Men and WomenEnergyDoesn't Know Current Educational Issues: How would you handle a student who is a consistent behavioral problem?: How would you motivate an unmotivated student?Don't Mess Up! 43 Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make: What were some of the things you didn't like about student teaching?: Why did you attend College?Men: Describe how you will deal with different cultures in your classroom.: Tell me about one of your lessons that flopped.Doesn't Follow Up: Why should we hire you?: What can you tell me about guided reading?: What, for you, is the most important aspect about discipline?: Since this will be your first teaching job, how do you know you'll like the career path?: How do you deal with stress?Is Self-CenteredPut Your Best Foot Forward (The Nonverbal Edge)Believes His or Her Methods and Philosophies Are the Only (or Best) OnesThe Essential Seven: What does it mean to be a successful teacher?Is TardyLacks PassionHighlight your maturity. Process vs. Product: How do you define success?Be current. Q: How long have you had that disability?Group InterviewsDisplays Negative Body Language: Please describe the steps you use to plan a lesson.Has No Questions for the InterviewerRole Playing: What are some things teachers do that create classroom-management problems?Questions You Should Ask (and Questions You Shouldn't): Describe how you will make your classroom and the students comfortable.J. Round-Up QuestionsShow your passion. Preparing for the Interview—10 How To's: Why is it important to communicate with parents?Common Hypothetical and Situational ScenariosF. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: What do you think is wrong with education today?Is Not Focused: What do you think is the biggest challenge teachers face today?B. Questions to Ask Yourself About Your WeaknessesIs Unwilling (or Unable) to Accept ResponsibilityZingers! (and 25 Dynamite Answers): How do you motivate reluctant readers?Hiring InterviewsManagement and Discipline: What are your goals in education? Where do you see yourself five years from now? How does this position fit into your career plans?Screening Interviews: What principles do you use to motivate students?: If I hired you today, what would you do first?: What would you say are the broad responsibilities of a classroom teacher?WomenF. Personality: What do you want your students to remember about your classroom?: What are your plans for graduate school?Demonstrate your time-management skills. : Who else are you interviewing with?B. Questions About the Job/Position: What gives you the greatest pleasure in teaching?: Why do you want to be a teacher?Is Unprepared: What would you do with a student who has ADHD?PromptnessIllegal QuestionsDemonstrates Poor Listening Skills: What are the essential traits of an effective educator?: Describe how you would prepare for a parent-teacher conference.: What three adjectives would you use to describe yourself?C. Education, Training, and Experience: Tell me about a situation that frustrated you during student teaching.Nontraditional Candidates—What You Need to KnowPractice Makes PerfectMaintains Poor Eye Contact: Describe the best teacher you ever had and what he or she taught you about teaching.: Describe a time in student teaching when you failed to resolve a classroom conflict.Lesson PlanningIs ArrogantDo Your HomeworkEvaluation: How would you describe the ideal teacher?: What's the most creative or innovative lesson you have taught?: What is a balanced reading program?: What special skills or talents will you bring to your classroom?Interview Types and SettingsB. Questions About YouF. Questions to Ask Myself About My Overall Performance on This Interview: What are some ways you would communicate with parents about students' progress?Using ResearchQ: Where were you born?Focus on your "can-do" attitude. : What is your greatest weakness?: What new skills or ideas do you bring to the job that other candidates aren't likely to offer?: How will this person make my job easier?: What is standards-based education?: If you are not successful in getting a full-time job, what will you do?: What characteristics make a master teacher?: Who's the toughest professor you've ever had, and why?: If an administrator visited your classroom, what would he or she see?Asks Inappropriate Questions: Why did you choose education as your career?: What are your plans for professional growth?ClothingOffers a Limp or Overly Firm HandshakeUses a Cell PhoneI. Career Goals: Why did you decide to major in biology (or history or elementary education)?F. Questions You Shouldn't Even Think About Asking!!: What might your college supervisor want to change about your teaching style?: What is your philosophy of teaching?: How would your college supervisor (or cooperating teacher) describe you?Q: How old are you?
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