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As with any similar effort, there are important limitations to consider when reviewing the findings and recommendations. For example, documents were reviewed only in English, and the survey was available and completed only in that language as well. Because of safety, linguistic, and time constraints, no school-age children, parents, teachers, or Syrian Ministry of Education representatives were directly interviewed for this chapter; however, anecdotal evidence from the author’s time supporting education programs in northern Syria, that of key informants, and some literature provide an idea of some critical end-user thinking on the topic. Furthermore, the study was completed over a period of more than 13 months during which time ongoing changes in the context that could not always be perfectly captured and considered occurred. As a result, one can argue that the perspectives that influence the chapter and its recommendations are provided largely through a Western service provider lens. Such an argument is well-placed. This review was only ever set out to contribute to the conversation, to provide a perspective, and to keep the dialogue active.

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