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Transparency and experimentation

Part of what makes Unix tools so successful is that they make it quite easy to see what is going on:

  • • The input files to Unix commands are normally treated as immutable. This means you can run the commands as often as you want, trying various command-line options, without damaging the input files.
  • • You can end the pipeline at any point, pipe the output into less, and look at it to see if it has the expected form. This ability to inspect is great for debugging.
  • • You can write the output of one pipeline stage to a file and use that file as input to the next stage. This allows you to restart the later stage without rerunning the entire pipeline.

Thus, even though Unix tools are quite blunt, simple tools compared to a query optimizer of a relational database, they remain amazingly useful, especially for experimentation.

However, the biggest limitation of Unix tools is that they run only on a single machine—and that’s where tools like Hadoop come in.

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