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Although the use of feldspar in PVC and other thermoplasts is reported in the literature, its use in thermoplastics is limited due to its comparably high Mohs hardness of 6-7. Especially high filler loadings of coarser PSD feldspars and nepheline syenite are prohibitive due to their abrasive behavior.

Paints and Coatings

Apart from their use in ceramics and glass making, the most common use in polymer or resin bond systems is in paints and coatings where they provide excellent chalking and weathering resistance in exterior paints, high UV transparency in radiation-curable films (parquet coatings), and scratch resistance as well as high transparency for visible light in resins matching their refractive index due to their low birefringence. The low resin demand due to low oil absorption also is a reason for the use in emulsion paints and powder coatings. Due to their matching refractive indices, their tinting strength in resins is low being the perfect “diluting agent” for pigments in pigment pastes.

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