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  • 1 The expression of incompleteness refers to the lyrics “still missing my other half” of the song Good Night Ladies.
  • 2 Note that Onuf uses capital letters to distinguish the field (International Relations) from the object (international relations) of study (Onuf 2013). I usually apply the same rule, adding a third use, namely the interaction among actors of different national roots (international relations) (Wiener 2008; 2014).
  • 3 Compare especially (Onuf 1989); (Onuf 1994); (Onuf 2009); (Onuf 2011) and (Onuf 2013).
  • 4 For this misleading interpretation of Kant’s concept of “Hospitalitat (Wirtbarkeit)” compare for example (Benhabib 2006) and the critical comment by Waldron in the same volume (Waldron, Benhabib, and Post 2006).
  • 5 For a similar perspective compare other critical work on norm-generative practices of Constitutionalism and global governance, for instance James Tully’s Public Philosophy in a New Key (Tully 2008a; Tully 2008b).
  • 6 See the definition provided by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at
  • 7 See (Taylor 1993, 57); emphasis added AW
  • 8 On the concept of ‘listening’, compare Dimitri Karmis’s recent research (Karmis 2014).
  • 9 These insights draw on a symposium on diplomatic dialogue, which was organised by Karin Fierke and Antje Wiener and held at the University of Hamburg in June 2009 with financial support by the Volkswagen Foundation.
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