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  • 1 Jenny Edkins (1999, 1) defines depoliticization as a “reduction to calculability”; Wendy Brown by contrast sees depoliticization as “construing inequality, subordination, marginalization, and social conflict . . . as personal and individual . . . or as natural, religious, or cultural” (2006, 15).
  • 2 Wendt (2003). For Carl Schmitt (2007), the political is defined as the specific distinction between “friend and enemies”.

3 The use of the term ‘virtual war’ here as something occurring beneath a fagade of peace bears resemblance with Michel Foucault’s own historico-political method in his lecture “Society Must be Defended” (2003). There, Foucault demonstrates how an analysis of discourses of ‘permanent war’ became central in the formation of modern sovereignty and the nation-state. Indeed, it would be productive to read Foucault’s genealogy in tandem with Nations, Markets and War, particularly on the question of the formation of the modern nation as a whole.

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