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Why Did You Choose This Book?

First of all, thank you, MERCI for having my book in your hands.

You might have several reasons for reading Luxury Selling.

Your expectations might be to learn about Luxury, selling in general, customer relations management, communication and so forth. You are looking to make improvements in these areas.

You have done well. Many people want to improve their selling skills but few make the effort of even getting a resource book, let alone reading one. Congratulations for having already taken this first important step!

Mark’s dream is to run the New York City marathon. Mark is brave and really worked hard in preparation. But, for the last three years, he has been telling himself: “I am not ready yet, this year. ” One day, though, he took a decision, just a two-click decision: he enrolled himself in the marathon online. The countdown started, and from that day on he had to train regularly and run the marathon. The real challenge was not to run the 42 kilometers, but to click the “Yes -1 confirm ” button.

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