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We Are Selling Every Day

We are selling all the time. Selling means that we need someone else to “buy” our ideas or accept our proposal. In order to reach that agreement, we need to discuss things. This can take place at work with colleagues, at home with family members or with friends.

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At home, you come up with ideas, propose them, suggest various approaches and seek confirmation of them from your family or friends. These conversations are part of the transactions of daily life. Sometimes, you need to push further and go through arguments in order to reach a common understanding. Most of the time, the conversation ends with agreement and acknowledgment of that understanding. In a worst-case scenario, the conversation turns into an argument: each party sticks to their position. Do not worry, because this happens to all of us.

At work, there are discussions containing pros and cons and rational arguments, and where the parties involved have clear common objectives. This is usually called brainstorming, debating, case making or positive confrontation. It is about business, and all parties try their best to find the optimal solution for the company’s project.

With retail selling, things are different. A sales advisor’s objective is to sell. A customer’s objective is not necessarily to buy. At least it is not always certain that a customer is seeking to purchase a specific brand or product, at a given price, here and now. Sales advisors frequently need to overcome some resistance.

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