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Selling Is Not Always Easy

Peter Wang is a very wealthy Taiwanese businessman and a true connoisseur offine luxury watchmaking. He is also one of the key collectors of high-end watches. In Geneva, Peter visits a new watch brand. The new brand is offering some great timepieces. Despite the quality of the craftsmanship and the complexity of the movement’s mechanism, Peter is still hesitant. After all, this new brand sells timepieces for a six-digit US$ price tag. This brand has only been in existence for ten years—how can he trust it, compared to a brand with ten times more heritage? He also finds himself questioning the value. Ultimately, even if he decided to go for the “complication ” (a timepiece equipped with a sophisticated movement) he likes, Peter is not sure about the size of the dial, nor the design of the hands. He just will not make a decision and the easiest thing for him is not to go for it at all.

Martial is the store manager of the boutique. He prides himself on being one of the most knowledgeable timepieces advisors and he really enjoys being specialized in such a way. He is always working on increasing his technical knowledge but also on keeping up to date with the market. “I might not be able to own beautiful art pieces but I have the chance, literally every day, to live with these incredible things. ” He has also learnt a lot and progressed a very long way. When he started out, he was not even sure why anyone would buy a watch at such prices when you can have the time on your mobile phone. He also knows that it is most important to understand the customers. Peter definitely could be a buyer. It is not about money—it never is when it’s about Luxury and high-end items.

Will Martial be able to overcome Peter’s doubts? How would you do it?

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