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Luxury Creations Are About Exceptional Purchases

Mrs. and Mr. Taylor are in Paris with the idea of purchasing a nice piece of jewelry for themselves, to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. At one of the most reputed jewelry boutiques, Michelle finds a beautiful diamond necklace. It is in their budget, the service is great and the sales advisor, Alice, explains the design perfectly. Michelle is nearly convinced but also thinks that she might be able to do better and should take more time to check other options. Maybe the diamonds are too small, even if they are of quite good quality? Her husband, Michael, is not sure if this is a good investment compared to getting a necklace with bigger stones. They just love the design but it is not an easy decision!

Alice has just come back from a week’s vacation in the south of France, where she had been visiting her parents. She is fully recharged and is particularly pleased to be at the boutique and to meet such a nice couple this morning. She also knows that because this represents an exceptional purchase the couple will not want to make any mistake. It is very emotional too. Her experience has taught her that it is crucial to be able to reassure them so as to help Michelle and Michael decide. It's not only a piece of jewelry but also a celebration, full of meaning and emotion, for now and the future. This could be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. Alice knows that she can be part of it and definitely wants to succeed.

How will Alice handle such an emotional and high-value purchase? How would you perform?

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