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Complicated Products Entail Cautious Decision Making Processes

Paul, at 42 is more conscious than ever of the need to protect his family financially. He decides to consult his banker. There are many proposals, and one looks particularly attractive. By just saving some money today, after twenty years he would have quite a significant amount of revenue. Despite the graphics and examples, Paul still feels that somethingiswrong. HOWCOULD THIS BE POSSIBLE? IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TR UE! The banker seems competent but is not able to make John take the decision.

Roger does not consider himself to be a private banker but more a personal financial advisor. He is young and talks to senior executives. “They are, most of the time, very successful businessmen who have spent more time on their businesses than on themselves. My role is to assist them. ” Roger sells long-term commitment financial products and they are not that easy to understand. Even if his clients are always educated and smart, financial plans are somewhat difficult to grasp. Therefore, customers have fears. And fears are always the best reason for not deciding. “And that’s why I love my role, ” said Roger.

Would you be able to find the right words to reassure Paul and, like Roger, succeed in selling him a financial plan?

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