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Emotional Products Imply That The Decision Making Process Is Not Always Rational

Lisa is in real trouble. She feels like she needs a new handbag. She is thinking about her upcoming trip to Moscow, and has been looking at different possibilities but just cannot decide. She went to her favorite French brand and picked a model that she had spotted few months ago. Last week she happened to visit another boutique, to see a new bag. She did not know much about that Italian brand other than that it is really popular at the moment (she sees it in all the magazines). At the same time, she is telling herself that she could just go for a brand that she thinks is really “her”—and thus a safe choice. The sales advisor from the Italian brand is great, talking about all the qualities of the handbag and showing Lisa photos of many celebrities carrying that very model.

Lucy is on duty that day and is very happy to see a new customer coming in. She is enjoying herself at work—she loves meeting new people, and some of her clients are even becoming more like friends. Just by observing the new lady client, she knows that she is looking for something. But at the same time, her experience tells her to always take the necessary time to give proper service and fully assist a client. “A buying decision is more emotional than rational a lot of the time, and that is why it is so complicated and so fun, ” Lucy explains. This is also why Lucy enjoys helping her customers in “making up their minds. ” We will see that Lisa cannot really make up her mind.

How would you influence someone when there is a question of taste and colors?

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