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Selling Is Great!

Since making decisions is not always easy, customers need help. The role of the sales advisor is not only to take the check at the end of the transaction.

Selling is also concerned with helping customers overcome their doubts and to achieve objectives that sometimes they do not know they even have, or at least are not very clear about. As a customer, you will certainly remember the joy when you finally decided to make a purchase after a long hesitation. It is a relief because you know you took the right decision and you were assisted in the process.

For Sophie and Thomas Williams, moving from Sydney to Singapore is a pretty big deal. They need to solve the housing issue. Thomas requires the help of a property advisor to be able to quickly find and decide on the house they want to buy. Not only is this important financially—it has to be a successful operation to ensure that all family members are well installed. It’s more than selling: there is true responsibility in advising correctly and helping the lovely Williams family to achieve this important goal in their lives.

Few decisions could have been taken without the assistance of the sales advisor. Sales advisors have to be particularly competent in order to help customers through the long, complicated and emotional decision making process. This competence implies having knowledge, but also practical know-how and awareness about what is the right sort of behavior.

We aim to show you how to succeed with an innovative approach in selling to consumers. The road map for Luxury Selling will be:

  • 1st step—To help you to be the right person, by adopting a Luxury Attitude. You are the artist and the one who can influence the situation.
  • 2nd step—To contribute to your knowledge of luxury and high-spending clients. Your success will come from your full understanding of their mentality.
  • 3rd step—To explain to you these customers’ decision making processes. You will know how such customers behave and therefore will be able to influence them more easily.

4th step—To give you a complete method, leading to selling success in seven steps.

You will then become an active selling advisor, having the situation under control in order to achieve the best outcome.

You will find Mark, Peter, Alice and her husband, Paul, John and Lisa reappearing throughout this book. I hope the many stories will inspire you on this journey.

You can take the decision to stop reading or keep going. It is your choice.

If you do not want to keep reading this book, though, what will you do instead?

Will you achieve a better outcome for yourself, or for your work, with what you plan to do otherwise?

I hope you take this journey with Luxury Selling and thank you for your commitment.

Let us start!

First, we will see how to Be Luxury.

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