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Be Luxury

Luxury Look

Your appearance is the first message you give a visitor. As the French say “lapremiere impression est souvent la bonne'’ (meaning: the first impression is often the right one). It is crucial to be perceived positively, and to avoid a bad image, from which it will be nearly impossible to recover. You need to make a good first impression.

But only looking good is not sufficient. You are not only selling good products but outstanding creations and high value items. Clients are expecting the best from you and your brand. You want to build exceptional relations with customers, as they are expecting a really good experience.

Looking Luxury means that you are able to carry the brand’s image— heritage, tradition, seriousness, creativity, savoir-faire—and be seen as an ambassador. Sales advisors have to look like they fit the brand or institution they represent.

Be Clean And Neat

Let us start with your body: it has to be clean from head to toe.

It might sound like unnecessary advice, but the first rule of looking Luxury is to be perfectly clean and groomed. This starts with true discipline. Look in © The Author(s) 2017

F. Srun, Luxury Selling, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-45525-9_2

the mirror before going into the boutique, check your appearance before meeting a client and practice mutual constant monitoring with members of the boutique team.

Story Corner

At one of the leading hotels in the world, the director proudly told me that he had created luxurious shower rooms for front office staff to enjoy before working. Some live far away, he explained. They often arrive with all the stress of public transportation. By inviting everyone to take a shower, enjoy a moment of peace and take time to pay attention to their appearance, staff present themselves very differently he said. They feel clean, relaxed and are much more selfconfident and pleasant.

Most women know perfectly well how to take care of their hair. However, I do see many surprises with men. Although I cannot recommend only one hair style, I will suggest adopting a “consensual” style in harmony with your personality. For men, short hair is more reassuring than long (always more difficult to maintain) and it is easier to keep it looking clean and neat. Having a mustache and/or beard is challenging and should only be worn by those able to groom them every day. For ladies, hair color should preferably stay natural-looking, avoiding excessive creativity in color. Another simple piece of advice: visit a hair salon frequently because there is no better way to look perfect every day.

Nails are very often problematic. For men, just be sure to take care every week at least. Men do not want to leave nails too long but should not have them too short either. Longer nails for women give a nice feminine touch; going regularly for a manicure is a very good decision, to make sure nails are perfectly treated.

Manager's Corner

If you have the chance to visit Ralph Lauren headquarters, Madison Avenue, New York, you will be able to see a hair salon barber shop within the offices. All employees have access to Mr. Lauren's personal hairdresser. Managers have not only to be demanding, but provide the necessary means and resources to their team for achieving a successful personal Luxury Image.

Most women know perfectly well how to look good and apply the right amount and style of make-up. Selling luxury creations and high value products does not mean that you need to stand out with extraordinary make-up. For daily wear, it is about being subtle. The right taste, the finesse of the light touch will make all the difference. As the French say, “le trop est toujours I’ennemi du bien” (meaning: too much is always the enemy of just the right amount). You need to look natural, as if you had always has been this way.

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