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Be Sophisticated, Simply

Sophistication will come from how you accessorize. Women need to wear some simple jewelry: earrings, necklace and rings are acceptable. Hair can be accessorized but hats are better kept for parties. Particular and careful attention needs to be paid to ladies’ hosiery, which can never have a run or ladder in it. A piece of practical advice: always keep several replacement pairs of hosiery available at work in case you discover a ladder and need to make a quick change.

For men, a pocket square and tie are compulsory, in harmony. It is quite easy really: a white shirt goes with a white linen pocket square so you just have to learn on how to fold a pocket square and select a nice tie.

The next most important aspect of harmony has to be between socks and shoes. It is always about the attention you place in the smallest details, never about how much money you are spending to dress appropriately.

Golden Rule Corner

You never stand out by only looking good, but by being yourself: elegant, gracious, charming, professional.

For men, accessories are an expression of the creativity, humor, education and I would even say one’s positive attitude toward life. About watches: preferably go for mechanical watches for men and of course avoid fancy timepieces. For women, not wearing a watch might sometimes be more appropriate as it will leave a clear wrist to model some types of jewelry, unless of course you are advising for a watch brand.

Do not forget about the other business accessories that customers will see: Pen, calculators, all types of “holders”: cards, key, glasses, mobile telephone, tablet, and so on.

“Elegance consists in not being noticed” is a famous quote from George Bryan Brummell. I would add that you should not be noticed but remain remarkable. Your elegance is made of details that impress: all details need to be right, just right.

You need to work on your image as carefully as the image developed for the products you are selling. Your effort will often be recognized immediately, even rewarded by nice compliments from your clients. It has to remain simple, but with necessary sophistication.

Smelling Nice

It is a real art to choose a fragrance from among the huge variety on offer. I simply recommend being more “subtle” than choosing a too striking one. Be sure to wear some fragrance, but never too much. It is better to wear little and refresh it after lunch, for example. Men of course shall also wear cologne, discreetly.

Welcome to the luxury world—you are now one of the members by Looking Luxury!

Golden Rule Corner

Being Luxury is about finding the right self, a subtle person.

Look at yourself in the mirror every day.

Are you the one you want to be?

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