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Luxury Speaking

As we saw in the previous section, here you became Luxury, a high-value product, through the sophisticated image you want to project. It should be the same with the words you are using, and in the way you communicate.

The Gentle Tone Mode

From normal communication, you are no doubt very familiar with the importance of tone. The same sentence “I love you” said in different tones can infer anything from true love to detestation. In sales, your tone must be kept gentle at all times.

Selling Luxury creations and high value products, you need first of all to reassure. You need to turn your tone to the gentle mode. It means a smiling tone—customers need to feel your smile in your voice.

Gentle also means simple: you will have to speak slowly and clearly. Probably many of your clients are not native English speakers. Even if they speak English, it does not mean that they are able to understand, especially if the rate of your speech used is too quick or unclear. Also, because your customer speaks English it does not mean that he is able to fully understand you.

You probably also know the importance of speaking at the same level as your interlocutor: do not use complicated words, avoid mysterious abbreviations and foreign words in general. It is not necessary to show your expertise by scaring or confusing your client. Your communication is simple because you care about your customer and want to be sure that understanding you is effortless. It is also a nice sign of generosity.

Golden Rule Corner

Be gentle in your communication: smile when you speak. It is another sign of a good education and also of self-confidence.

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