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Be Graceful

The key word to describe Luxury selling gestures is grace. Being graceful first means that you apply the “never too” rule by always keeping your gestures tempered. They are never too big, never too fast—always steady. Grace comes from a combination of body languages. Just like for an actor or actress: the perfection in impersonation comes from a total control of all the details.

Try walking with a smile, at the right speed, with your arms moving gently and keeping a relaxed happy look on your face. Try sitting in front of your customer, speaking softly with a smile, moving your hands slowly while speaking and with charm in your eyes. Try taking a pen to write or draw an explanation for your customer. By holding a nice pen in an elegant way, writing slowly with fine penmanship, you show how much you care. All these details contribute to creating a very positive image and will put the customer at ease and make them feel special.

Manager's Corner

In the store, observe your store without listening (using, for example, earplugs). You will be surprised by all the gestures you see and will then be able to lead in effecting positive changes.

Martial Legrand could talk for a long time about the different gestures it is important to master:

  • - The way you walk into the boutique shows your personality
  • - The way your hold your watch shows your professionalism
  • - The way your use your hands to explain things shows your expertise
  • - The way you look at your customer shows your sincerity
  • - The way you help a customer to try on a watch shows your caring spirit
  • - The way you sit shows your respect of the client
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