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Physical Contact: Handle with Care!

This is really a question ofculture: your culture and the culture ofyour clients. It is also dependent upon the personality of the sales advisor and how the physical contact is executed. It can be sign of too much familiarity and therefore dangerous.

Shake Hands

In general, shaking hands is business-like, and mainly a Western gesture. I tend to recommend not shaking hands unless you are in more a business oriented or corporate environment, for example when selling a financial investment plan at an office. To shake hands is also commonly accepted so there is no real danger in offering to shake hands when you have a male customer visiting you. Of course, if you are receiving a couple and you shake hands with the husband be sure to not forget his wife. With Asian male customers, it is never a problem if you shake hands in a very natural way. It is more about how you shake hands than whether you should or not. I would never recommend shaking hands when a lady is visiting alone.

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