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Touching Arms

This is to be reserved for family and friends and is to be avoided in a selling situation. It can be also perceived as a sign of domination. Even with a customer that you have known for a long time, I believe that some distance has to be kept.

Kisses and Hugs

Of course, this too should be reserved for family and friends, and mainly in the Western world.

Physical contact is sometimes very nicely executed and can increase closeness in a relationship. But as a rule, I would recommend avoiding physical contact and keep a necessary distance when you first meet someone. This is simply because physical contact is not necessary to succeed in sales and can be perceived as overly familiar, which is inappropriate. However, at the end of a customer visit, proposing to shake hands with your customer has a better chance of being perceived as appropriate and appreciated than at the beginning of the visit. A kiss to say goodbye and a hug would be appropriate only in exceptional circumstances.

Looking good, speaking nicely and with appropriate gestures: here you are ready for the next stage. To succeed in building Luxury interactions with your customer, you need to be a good person, “une belle personne” I would say in French. I invite you to be generous and care sincerely about your customer, as explained in the sections to follow.

Luxury Selling


Golden Rule

Always imagine you are on the stage, being watched.

You need to take possession of your own image.

Looking Luxury but also speaking Luxury with right gestures is crucial. Now you are ready to build Luxury interactions.

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