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Being Spontaneous

Spontaneity makes a difference. Each customer is unique and deserves a different experience. Of course, sales advisors often have a well rehearsed selling

“ceremony,” or procedures to follow, but you should never look as if you are only executing preset processes as if you are working behind a fast food counter.

Ensuring The Human Touch

It is also necessary to show the human touch, which is mainly expressed through how you look at someone. Your natural smile, the care you take and the emotion you show. All these factors will resonate with your customer.

Establishing Personal Relations

To allow a personal relationship to develop, why not just make a simple greeting like:

Martial: “Sir, my name is Martial and I am the boutique director. Welcome!

May I know how I can address you, Sir?”

Martial: “Mr. Wang, for your coffee, could you please tell me how you like it?”

Martial: “Mr. Wang, please do not hesitate to tell me your personal preferences and I will do my best to find the most appropriate offer for you.”

The relationship is established quickly, with keywords “you” and “me,” in a polite and respectful way. A customer needs to know that you are also looking for that personal relationship.

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