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Helping Your Customer

Helping your customer is definitely the best way to show that you care. The best sales advisors have a real panoply of helpful tips and information resources, a sort of service tool box. It could be information which they have gathered, especially to help visiting tourist customers. Moreover, by anticipating all possible needs your visitors will be surprised by your kindness and also by your professionalism—being able to provide the extra mile in personal effort and special care is a very good thing. Some ideas are to provide:

  • - Maps of the city in different languages
  • - Shopping suggestions and tourism guidebooks
  • - Tax Free procedures in different languages

Manager's Corner

Be inspired by the best hotels' services folder: list the different information needed. Be inspired by their concierge services and you will impress.

Some sales advisors even prepare custom made maps to guide their customers:

  • - New York City map of 5th Avenue showing the best restaurants
  • - Shopping tour with others brands and the best restaurants
  • - List of the best Chinese restaurants in London

Better yet, some sales advisors prepare personal guidance such as:

  • - A personal list of the preferred French restaurants in Paris’ rue Saint- Honore
  • - A personal list of the “real Italian” restaurants preferred by Italians in Milan

Helping is also the moment to establish a mutual relationship, not only oneway service. By accepting a service, your customer makes you happy. Why don’t you just say it?

“I am here to help you! That is what me makes me happy!”

“Please let me assist you—you cannot imagine the pleasure I have in doing so. ”

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