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Be Generous

A real friend respects you, helps you and even protects you. Better than that, he is someone who never hesitates to offer you gifts. These gifts might not matter in terms of value, but the way your friend has thought about them, and the way he delivers the gifts to you really counts!

Offer Without Expecting Things In Return

There are many ways to show generosity to a first-time visitor and to your regular customers.

Story Corner

Jean-Paul is the Manager of one of the oldest perfume maisons in Paris. He was amazing at presenting his perfumes. Each of the little bottles was an invitation to travel, a mix of influences. It was not about the scent but the journey Jean- Paul was able to describe. I made my selection. Jean-Paul had noticed that I was hesitating between two scents and offered me a sample of my second choice. At the counter, I noticed a travel spray bottle and decided to purchase it. Paul proposed to fill-it up, with any perfume of my choice. Before leaving, Paul proposed that I choose another perfume to "wear for the day."

Do not only promote: offer everything as a real gift. Sometimes a small gift is the nicest attention. In Paris, a sales advisor could have Metro tickets available in case a customer wanted to get to a place nearby and it was impossible to get a taxi (often the case in Paris). If it were convenient for the customer to get there by Metro, the tickets would be greatly appreciated and have great meaning. It could also be having some small, cute gifts for kids that you always have on-hand in case your customer comes to visit you with family. It could also be a selection of greeting cards, or classic stationary in case your customer has no time to get a card. The sales advisor, wherever possible, should have always small attentions to offer. The best is of course to offer a generous program proposed by your company when possible.


Mr. Williams: Simon:

Mrs. Williams: Simon:

Mr. Williams: Simon:

Mrs. Williams:

“Mrs. and Mr. Williams, I would like offer you a one-day tour of Singapore to see some different places so that you have a first, but good idea of the city.”

“That’s very nice of you. We just don’t want to bother you.” “Actually I will not be able to do it but I have students helping out on this program.”

“Thank you for this nice proposal of a tour, that would definitely be welcome.”

“Don’t feel obliged to commission my agency. It is all part of the Singapore hospitality we like to promote.”

“I hope we will not make you lose your lunch break because of us.”

“Sir, the most important thing is that you know our city before selecting the place you want to visit. We are happy that we have the chance and privilege to be the first to introduce to you our city.”

“ That’s so sweet. ”

Of course, a gift does not mean immediate returns on investment. It is more an open door for further discussions, and provides a trust that money cannot buy.

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