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Everyone Likes Good Surprises!

When you are a high-tier customer for an international hotel chain, upon arrival at the hotel you tend to receive a welcome letter, a welcome fruit basket, wine and other nice items of attention. Most frequent travelers do not pay attention to, or even read, the letter from the hotel manager. This is simply because such special attention is expected and no longer considered to be part of the magic of Luxury travelling. Surprising your client is the best way to create difference and be remembered.

Story Corner

In Thailand, I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. In the morning, I asked for a French newspaper in the breakfast restaurant, knowing that there was little chance they would have one. Surprisingly, the restaurant asked me to wait and called the concierge to come. The concierge kindly asked me which newspapers I needed and also informed me that he needed about ten minutes to get them, if that would be fine with me. I was very impressed and asked the Hotel Director how they managed to provide such a large selection of international titles? "Well," he said, "we just send our bellboy to get them at the nearest international newsagent." The nice surprise was that next day, these titles were waiting for me at the restaurant, without my asking. I asked the director again: "What would have happened if I had not come to breakfast?" He answered, "we would have sent them to your room. This is the nicest surprise we can provide to you."

Surprise your customers! When you remember an anniversary and send a gesture on that day it is a very nice thing. But your customer might well already have received many gestures on that day. What about if you send a gesture two weeks before the anniversary and tell them that you remember that it is in two weeks’ time? Then you would be the first and the customer will remember.

Your customer mentioned his love for chocolate? Prepare few pieces for her or him from a chocolatier you really like for the next visit.

Golden Rule Corner

Surprising your customer with creativity is better than spending time working on the expected. However, an unexpected gift can be emotional and memorable.

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