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Offer The Extraordinary

The best thing is to be able to provide an extraordinary surprise that your customer will remember forever. It is often found in the services, the experience, more than an expensive gift that you or your company might be able to offer. With creativity and your desire to please, you will be able to achieve and find the way to make the difference. Doing what everyone is doing is seen as normal. Proposing in a better way, what is offered by others is good: you are more sophisticated. Offering what has never seen is showing you are able to really care.

When we deal with affluent customers in particular, they can be bored and will have already been in all kinds of places and seen what they need to see. So, try simple things: a small piece of artisanal jewelry, personalized with your customer’s children’s names; a small book that you are sure your customer would love to read. It is all about that extraordinary attention, and never about the value of such things.

In Paris, introduce them to the secret French restaurants. In London, know some places that your customer has surely never been to and that are really worth a visit.

Story Corner

Franck is a sales advisor in Taiwan, for one of the most reputed and prestigious car brands. When he learned that world-class magician, David Copperfield was coming to Taipei for the first time he proposed and got approval from his management for an extraordinary gift to his best clients. He offered to take their kids and only the kids to the show. He organized transportation pick-up, snacks during the intermission and photo souvenirs. How could these customers go to another sales advisor when Franck treated their kids so well?

And I nearly forgot the true pleasure of generosity. We all remember our immediate feeling after helping someone, especially someone you do not know and are not obliged to help. It is an immense pleasure. When you give without return there is an immense joy to be had. You will be happy that day. You are making someone’s day, but also your own!

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