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Be Caring

Let us keep imagining the best possible friend. It is a person you can trust, a person who tells you the truth. A sincere person gives you a most precious gift: his true heart. It is also a friend who is able to understand you as yourself. Last but not least, it is someone who really cares about your feelings.

Sincerity: Stay Honest

As a sales advisor, you certainly have sales objectives and need to sell. But this does not prevent you from always being honest. A sales advisor does not lie simply because lying is sometimes easy, although obviously it can be dangerous. Sincerity comes from the Latin “sincerus,” meaning pure, unmixed, genuine. It is because you are yourself, not pretending to be someone you are not, that your customer can feel that you deserve his trust. Faking does not stand up against time: your customer will see it. It’s always better to be natural, simply yourself.

Story Corner

King Henry asked three of his best chevaliers to come to him at his castle.

"If you are loyal to me," he said, "you will always carry out what I ask you to do." He asked them to come near to the window and said:

"If I want you to jump out of this window, will you do it?"

The first chevalier said "Yes, my King, I will without hesitation, even if I die." "Liar," said King Henry.

The second chevalier said "Yes, my King, I will, even if I am not ready to die." "Liar," said King Henry.

The third said "Yes, my King, I will. It's high but there is still a chance that I will survive."

"Voila!" said King Henry and added: "Sincerity is a virtue."

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