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Sympathy: Be Able To Really Care About Your Customer

What if you have a friend who feels what you feel, and is sorry about your trouble, grief or misfortune? Sympathy comes from the Greek words, “Sym”

meaning sharing and “Pathos” meaning feelings. Sympathy is not only being able to feel the same feelings as someone else: it is a true feeling of caring.

Golden Rule Corner

To really feel your customer, you need to forget about yourself. First, feel before you sell.

As a customer, if you sense that your sales advisor can feel what you feel, you are reassured. You feel that you are cared for, whatever might happen.

“Love Your Customer”

In speaking about customer relations in different countries during training sessions, it is remarkable how sales advisors react differently when I say: “Love Your Customer.” In Europe, most sales advisors find it meaningless. “You don’t need to love your customer,” some even replied. “What you need to do is provide the best services to your client and be sure that you are able to develop an excellent relationship with your clients” would be the general comment.

In Asian countries, most of sales advisors agree with this comment: “Of course, you need to be truly sincere towards your customer and love your customer.” When the relationship is based on true feeling, it is easier to sell.

In Japan, most of the time I did not receive any comment at all on this statement. For them, it was completely obvious that a good sales advisor would “love their customer.” After all, love also means respect, devotion and commitment.

Story Corner

My mother used to have a small costume jewelry boutique in Paris. One of the clients became a regular. Josiane enjoyed coming to the boutique a lot, having conversations with my mother and always ended up buying things. One day, when Josiane wanted to buy a new piece of jewelry, my mother told her to not do it. Josiane was surprised and asked why. "You have already a lot of jewelry and you don't always need to buy something when you come here for a coffee." Josiane kept coming for a chat once a week. "I cannot let her buy so much," my mother told me "because now I know her stories and she had better save money at this moment." Luxury relationships are about true generosity.

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