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Knowledge (information)

As a professional dealing with high value items, luxury sales advisors certainly have to know their own brand perfectly: products, prices and the services provided. Moreover, an experienced sales advisor needs to have general knowledge about his industry and the main competitors: comparable brands, competitive products, price differences with competition and services available in the market. It is easy to get a sense and take the temperature of what customers think by logging in to blogs and forums.

There are so many simple ways to get and improve knowledge. A first simple tip is to take all the necessary time to carefully read all brochures, catalogs and the internet sites of your brand and that of the competition. Most of the time, rich and qualitative information is easily available. A second tip is to do extensive research.

You will be amazed by the quantity of information provided by extraordinarily generous and knowledgeable persons online, posting and sharing their passion.

Knowledge will make you feel powerful and fearless in your selling activity.

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