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Know-How (selling techniques)

A sales advisor who is knowledgeable and has good selling techniques tends to feel more powerful and fearless in daily selling. This is particularly the case when a sales advisor has a selling plan—what some Luxury brands call a selling ceremony or the art of selling. I prefer to keep talking about selling techniques—applying this terminology to all the different aspects we discuss in this book.

Story Corner

At a dinner grouping the best 3-star Michelin chefs, these top chefs discussed culinary art and, notably, the importance of a recipe.

"Having a recipe is one of the fundamentals of our art," one chef said "because if you put everything in writing, and very precisely, you can be sure that the results will always there!"

Another top chef disagrees: "Well, my recipes are not as precise as I might be. How to be precise when each time, there is something changing and adaptations are necessary? I give a road map but never a program for execution to my deputy chef!"

A third chef has another opinion: "Anyway, even you have the most precise of recipes, but subtle additions and modifications are needed during cooking, if your deputy chef does not know how to achieve each step of your recipe, your recipe is in vain."

A last chef concluded neatly: "Well, at least we all agree that there is no good chef without recipes and appropriate techniques."

Know-how for selling is the essence of your metier, your pride. Sometimes, sales advisors are so adept at selling that when they sell, they always follow a selling flow—we can see it in the selling process. In the final chapter, we will extensively review the seven steps of this proven successful selling process:

  • — Preparation
  • — Welcoming
  • — Discovering
  • — Presenting
  • — Convincing
  • - Concluding
  • - Loyalty building

Some sales advisors just sell so naturally that they forget that they have, and use selling techniques, tricks that they employ during the selling process. We will add to the techniques in their portfolio and enrich the process with new ideas, offering different ways to approach and tackle selling situations.

Know-how makes you feel confident and helps you to master all selling situations.

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