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Luxury Is Always Emotional

Luxury is not simply functional; it is necessarily emotional.

The first aspect of emotion is evidently the brand. A brand is a concentration of emotional resonance. Why does this brand speak to me rather than another one? Why do I feel that this brand is more “me” and I cannot stand this other brand? Each brand has its own heritage, values (subtlety communicated) and image. And brands have a notoriety which lends them the power of being in the public eye, having star quality. Luxury brands are therefore able to provide this emotional resonance: I am buying a brand that is really me and somehow I am part of this brand.

Secondly, the heritage and tradition of a brand play a very important role in the imagination of the customer. The heritage reflects what is authentic and what cannot be changed or questioned: the past. The heritage of a brand is unique (impossible to reproduce), strong and has authority. Some customers feel that they become part of this tradition by being able to own one of the creations from that legacy.

The third aspect of the emotional value is that offered by the product itself. It could be about the design—the aesthetic, the wonderful creation that I had always anticipated, the one that speaks to me. This artistic appreciation varies, and most likely explains why we have such variety in Luxury creations.

We will discuss shortly the power of the brand.

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