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Luxury Is Not About Price

You might be surprised by the fact that I had not yet mentioned anything about price. A high price tag is simply related to the product itself. A handbag could be expensive due to the material and the craftsmanship needed to make it. But consider the possible variations between alligator skin handbags of the same size. The Luxury handbag is the one that is able to go beyond functionality (and not only durability), providing the highest quality compared to other alligator skin handbags (in terms of the quality of the leather, the crafting and the execution of the details), being long lasting and achieving emotional resonance with clients.

Luxury selling involves customers not being afraid of a highly priced item, but being part of this qualitative, long-term approach toward Luxury creations and their proposal.

Luxury Is Relative

Last but not least, Luxury to one person might not be the same to another. Likewise, what might not seem to be Luxury to someone could be Luxury to many others.

Affluent clients could be immensely wealthy. Some buy Luxury items quite simply because they only buy high-end products. It is not about showing off, to put it bluntly. For some clients, it is about affirming a lifestyle, and nothing more. It is about supporting heritage and tradition.

Some clients have to save money to afford an exceptional treat and deserve all the respect. Let’s recognize that there is some possible desire for quality and pleasure from time to time for all of us.

Some clients are particularly sensitive and truly appreciate design, quality and craftsmanship. Luxury creations and high quality items are carefully crafted and create real appreciation.

There are different types of Luxury just as there are different consumer profiles. I will explain other characteristics of Luxury customers, notably values and needs, such as “self-affirmation” and hedonism.

Thinking Corner

What is your Luxury today?

Santa Claus is still in your heart. He is willing to offer you a Luxury product or service. What would it be?

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